The 2014 (yes, 2014) campaign season has apparently kicked off!





I guess we'll see if the early bird gets the worm. This web site doesn't seem to answer my two main questions:

  1. In which party's primary does he plan to run? I'm guessing Republican, but there is no Andy or Andrew Cagle registered to vote in Orange County. (There is an Anthony in Mebane who is unaffiliated.)
  2. What is this successful local business that he cites repeatedly as one of his main qualifications?  I'm guessing it's this:

He was at the Orange County Democratic Party convention on Saturday. I spoke with him for about thirty seconds (he was greeting people at they moved through the check-in line).He's in the voter database as Neal Anderson Cagle, III. He is a registered Democrat. However, the way I found his voter registration was by searching through a copy of the voter database spreadsheet I downloaded from the State Board of Elections in December 2012, and at that time he was a registered Republican. So his current party affiliation can't be more than four or five months old, tops.

Well that IS interesting. It's certainly not the first time an R has changed to a D so they could run in the relevant primary in Orange County, but it's not very effective at reaching Democratic voters. An anonymous tipster also sent me this link which helps to fill in the picture: 

Another Andy Cagle, who is a lobbyist for the NC sheriffs association, is a friend of mine. I ran into Andy yesterday and he is NOT the Andy Cagle running for sheriff.  My friend Andy lives in the Mebane area of Alamance.

Since Sheriff Pendergrass has decided not to seek re-election, next fall we'll see an open race. (Unless he retires early and attempts to annoint a replacement, but hey, that would just be tacky.) 

is going run. He's recently retired from the Sheriff's Dept. He was Lindy's #2 man. He could be good. 


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