DSI comedy routine featuring CH Town Council candidate Jon DeHart (free)


Friday, July 31, 2009 - 5:30pm to 7:00pm


200 N. Greensboro St. CARR MILL MALL between Elmos and Southern Rail, Carrboro NC 27510

Free Mister Diplomat show featuring true stories told by Jon DeHart. Anecdotes inspire a world of absurd scenes, fully improvised by the most aggressive improv comedians in North Carolina. 


Sounds like a completely different way to get to know a candidate....



I know Jon from coaching our girls together in basketball at the Y but it is way early to settle on everyone I'm voting for.  Just struck me that this is a very odd way to kick off a campaign...

It's OK if it's an endorsement, that's what OP is for!  I frequently encourage users to talk about why they like candidates, as long as they can do it without tearing others down. I also want people to post about other opportunities to meet and hear from candidates.  It would be great if our calendar had a comprehensive listing of campaign events because that's otherwise hard to find.I do respect the need to learn more about the candidates, which we will all be doing...PS: Make sure you format the date correctly if you want this to show up in the calendar. I recommend using the button beneath the date field to help enter the date and time.

Any candidate with a demonstrated sense of humor gets extra points -- unless he or she bombs, of course.  The Diplomats is a great forum for candidates and elected officials to think on their feet.  WCOM's Tom Arnel hosts Carrboro candidates on the Placeholder Show airing Saturdays from 5 to 6.  As guest DJ's they can say whatever they want (within FCC regs) and play their favorite music.  


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