Primary Runoff Election


Tuesday, June 22, 2010 - 2:30am to 3:30pm


At 7 AM I was voter #2 at Cedar Falls.  I feel very sorry for the poll wrkers today.  Of course, it's too hot to do anything outside anyhow.

This was the first time I have voted in my precinct in the 4 years I have lived there. Living south of Estes Drive and voting at Smith MIddle school (over 2 miles from my house) is a huge inconvenience, especially since I normally commute by bus.  I ended up driving to work today just to facilitate voting!  :-(

I was voter #9 a little after 9am in Northside.  I stopped by East Franklin a few minutes later to put up a campaign sign before I went to work, and they were only at 13.  I haven't heard much from anybody since then.  Slow is the word of the day.

I was #53 at noon at the White Cross Precinct. In fact, I was the entire lunch rush.

It looked a little busy, but the jam in the parking lot appeared to be for some other activity.

Low turnout...

To get there, I pass by a voting site one-half mile from my house and drive almost 4 miles.

I have never failed to vote in an election since I first registered to vote in Chicago, 1960. But here I am at the coast and didn't vote early. No early voting place except Hillsborough....too lazy....the end of times. Totally undecided about who I would have voted for. Do you hear Burr snickering?

Voter number 80 at OWASA at 6:35 pm. Never a high-turnout precinct, but yikes.

Incumbent Anne Medenblik has handily won the runoff for the 4th spot on the Orange County School Board with almost 74%of the vote. still haven't heard much reason to get excited about Anne, but she seems less crazy/annoying than the chalenger Laura Nicholson.

Rude Ruby Sinreich have you ever had a conversation with Ms. Medenbilk about Orange County Schools?

This is a personal blogsite, it is not a news outlet!

I was hoping to get some actual guidance on how to vote from this site, but like last election it was a waste of time to try to get information here. 



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