A Republican to a Democrat

Today i filed paperwork at the Orange County B.O.E. to change my party affiliation from Republican to Democrat. Gary Kahn



welcome to the party

Thank you,Loren. Gary Kahn

Reading between the lines, you just weren't the take-no-prisoners, run-over-your-own-grandmother, Ayn Rand-ish type.

On Wed,,the mayor announced that applications were now being accepted to fill the vacancy left by Matt C, and that he was doing it according to laws set by the town .After discussions from the council I left with the feeling are you really looking for canadates or just waiting for election day. You left me and maybe others should I apply or not, It left me with the coucil saying are we are neither seeking canidates. or planning to fill the vancancy. Council should let people know that they are not going to fill the vancancy and NO NEED TO APPLY ort YES WE ARE APPLY. Not either or nor. Gary Kahn


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