Let's talk transit

Guest Post by Chris van Hasselt

The Carrboro-Chapel Hill Transit Forum will be held on Thursday, January 13, 2005 at 7:00 p.m. at the Carrboro Town Hall in Room 110. The forum is co-sponsored by the Carrboro Transportation Advisory Board and the Chapel Hill Transportation Board.

The Transit Forum is an opportunity for citizens to share opinions and ideas on bus services in Carrboro and Chapel Hill. Representatives of Chapel Hill Transit and the Triangle Transit Authority will attend the meeting, make presentations, and meet with citizens.

Residents who are not able to attend the forum can comment and ask questions about public transportation in Carrboro and Chapel Hill via email to transitforum@ci.carrboro.nc.us or by leaving a voice mail message at 918-7311.

Carrboro Town Hall is located at 301 W. Main Street. The forum will be televised on cable channel 18. While the forum is being televised, viewers can call 918-7308 to ask questions or make comments.

For more information, please contact Dale McKeel, Town of Carrboro Planning Department, at 918-7329 or contact David Bonk, Town of Chapel Hill Planning Department, at 968-2888 ext. 347.



This forum would be an excellent opportunity for parents of high school students to find out more about access to the new high school (Ray Rd). There are currently no bike paths or sidewalks leading to the school site, and there is no public bus service for kids south of the site. There are two bus routes, J and D (kind of close). Parking lot space is still under debate, too.

i heard that the proposed light rail may be dead--anyone else heard anything similar? budget woes, from what i heard...

As far as the light rail goes, come to the transit forum and find out the details yourself - we will have a representative from TTA there.

And, for clarification, it is not a light-rail system, it is heavy rail - the TTA web site has more info on that.

Also, the system is not dead, but the it is on life support, for sure. Personally, I think TTA has been the victim of an unusually unreceptive political climate, and also has made some planning blunders (in my view as a somewhat informed citizen), so the situation is not surprising.

But if you want the straight answers, come to the forum.


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