Local Third Places Win Awards

Two local coffee shops in Carrboro and Chapel Hill have won national TOPS awards from the Specialty Coffee Association of America, based "not only serv[ing] excellent coffee, but also distinguish[ing] themselves as outstanding businesses." Both the Open Eye Café and Caffé Driade are co-owned by Carrboro resident Scott Conary and have been a part of the community for 6 and 9 years respectively.

“For us, quality comes first whether it is the product, the environment or the service,” Conary said. “We are passionate about what we do.”

Although both cafes focus on providing the same quality to customers, each has its own distinct environment.

A laid-back and comfortable space that has been a part of the town for six years, Open Eye Café is sometimes referred to by locals as “the living room of Carrboro.”

Conary, a Carrboro resident, said the cafe reflects his desire to create a coffee shop that reflects the quaintness of the town and the community's closeness.

In comparison, customers at Caffé Driade say its European style and architecture, outdoor seating, gardens and eclectic collection of art immediately set it apart from other coffee shops.

Continue reading Local cafes stir up success in the Daily Tarheel.

There has been some discussion recently on how a site like OrangePolitics might foster the local community, in particular by drawing on and supporting local bloggers. Perhaps providing a means for people to discover local third places and other "special" nooks and crannies of the physical community would be a key feature. Places like the coffee shops above, Cup-a-Joe, Weaver Street Market, and don't forget the Maple View Farms Country Store.

Where do you go to get your third place fix?



Open Eye is my third, and usually fourth, place. See my post in "Too Much Coffee?" for my love of Open Eye and disdain for other coffee shops. ;-)


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