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It's a big bloggy weekend!

The main event is a gathering tomorrow morning at UNC. I hope many of you readers will come. The Triangle Bloggers Conference 2005 (a.k.a. C.H.BloggerCon) will start 9 am in the auditorium of Murphy Hall. The format will be open but facilitated.

The first big topic is building a community around your blog, and it will feature some bloggers with very active commenters on their sites. There will be a short session on aggregators (like the Orange Politics Local Blogroll, for example). And then there will be another big topic: how blogs can be a part of and contribute to their communities. This session will feature Orange Politics as an example, and will also include a short presentation on citizen journalism by Dan Gillmor, author of We The Media.

The conference will be followed by informal lunch groups to keep the conversation going. If some of you show up we could have a great discussion about Orange Politics. Big thanks to Paul Jones and Anton Zuiker who have done tons of work in putting this conference together!

If you want to hear more from Dan Gillmor, he will be speaking on campus on Monday at 3:30 in Carrol Hall. You can learn more at We will also be graced with the presence of another blogging celebrity, Dave Winer. He will attend the gathering on Saturday morning and has invited folks to join him for brunch on Sunday.

To put this event in context, it is the follow-up to a similar gathering held in Greensboro last August. It has been covered in the Independent Weekly (2/2/05) and The Chapel Hill Herald (2/11/05). (Although I am flattered, I don't know where the Herald reporter got the idea that I am 30 years old.)

If you attend any of these events, feel free to use this post as an open thread to post your comments. Hope to see y'all tomorrow morning!


Just this past wednesday Dave Winer spoke to a bunch of Greensboro bloggers and News & Record newspaper folks about the future of media. I recorded it and put it up for all to listen to. Download the audio here. The same topics discussed there apply to our communites. What can we learn from what's going on in G'boro?

Just spent some time with Dave Winer, who thanks Brian for making a podcast of the G'boro talk.
In the meantime, Durham is making the blogging news. Sarcastic Journalist Rachel Mosteller's firing by the Herald-Sun makes the Washington Post

See you tomorrow.

It's not too late to attend. There's quite a crew here , so come down if you want to meet some of the most interesting bloggers
out there....

There are lots of pictures from the event posted here:
(If you were there, you can add yours to this photo pool.)

The event was a great success and I think we can look forward to more local blogger gatherings in the future!

Bloggers will enjoy the Oliphant cartoon in today's Herald. It depicts the bloggers (i.e. barbarians) at the gates of the mainstream media.

This is a case study from Democracies Online about the way a small town in northern Minnesota is using a community blog to "provide citizens with local news and editorial content, encourage and support blogging by citizens and public officials, and organize discussion forums between officials and citizens regarding issues of mutual concern."


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