The Sleeping Giant Wakes

Just got this Carolina North update from Tony Waldrop in my e-mail:

You will recall that the four Carolina North Advisory Groups which comprise the Carolina North Advisory Committee met during the first half of 2003, with each Advisory Group issuing a report of recommended planning principles and criteria to the Carolina North Executive Committee. That input has been used to develop a DRAFT concept plan for Carolina North. As planned, we will present this draft concept plan to the full Advisory Committee first.

Thus, we are pleased to invite you to attend the Carolina North Advisory Committee presentation of the DRAFT conceptual plan for Carolina North on Tuesday, December 2, from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. The meeting will be held at the Friday Center.

I don't know if this is a public meeting. Probably not.



"State of the Art Multimodal transportation" defined here!

15,000 autocommuters driving to Carolina North (using one form of transit- the singly occupied automobile), parking on site and then walking (a second mode of transportation) 5 minutes to work.

Would anyone like to report on or discuss tonight's unveiling of the DRAFT concept plan? Please?

I will, Rah. I'll start a new thread when I get it together.

[insert happy emoticon here]

The road into homestead in phase 3 paves over a creek bed in the northern part and feeds cars Through residential neighborhoods.

It would be the same as connecting a road into North Haven or Ironwoods.

Also, spreading out the development to the rail corridor only makes sens if there are plans and funding to develop the rail corridor.

Sorry I'm behind y'all... working for a living, y'know. I'll post more comments after I get a chance to read the UNC plans.

Anne Blythe's News and Oberver story "UNC-Chapel Hill releases draft of north campus plan"

Rob Shapard's Chapel Hill Herald story "Carolina North to be built in phases over 50 years"

I haven't been watching this as close as everyone else. I still don't understand the reasoning behind this huge endeavor. Is there a "real" need for this? or is it a "if you build it, they will come".. Is the centennial campus doing all that well at NC-state? I am heartened that they will only develop 25% in phases. It sounds good.. on paper.. Why won't they build higher than 3 stories? Are they really going to use the rail corridor any time soon or is that just to appease the greens? I guess I should ask these questions at the meeting. But its nice to know the answers ahead of time.

My apologies for my naiveté.


According to this article in the Daily Tar Heel, the Greens and especially the Nimbys might not be so appeased right now.

It seems as if the campus and its accompanying four lane road will almost directly abut the North Haven neighborhood, but then again these are only draft plans. Yet when you look at the graphic of where the proposed development will be, it seems that you can simply shift everything north a little bit, except then the buildings would be right on top of the chemical landfill site. Has anyone kept up with what UNC has done about that waste site? I really haven't heard anything about it since February. And what about the former medical waste site over on the western end of the tract? I have faith that these issues will be resolved smoothly, but I wouldn't yet jump the gun on how happy the greens will be. Thank god there seems to be a good timeline for this, I think the campus has enormous potential to be good for the town and university equally.

Ruby, I seem to remember that at the Oct. 27th town council meeting the public was invited to attend this and other meetings planned by the UNC UNC/North advisory commitees.

Actually I remember that as well, Will. I guess UNC didn't want to remind folks of that. (Shock.) I hope the newspapers will.

Ruby, as one informed on the topic, could you explain the role that the landfill, chemicals and airport will play in the University's timetable for moving forward? Have they gotten any commitments from any firms to put up facilities on the property? I'm assuming that they plan to do like State did and go commericial, is this accurate?

After the concept plan is released, what comes next?

Thanks in advance.

I wonder if the preliminary environmental impact statement is ready.

The official "open meeting notification' for the 12/2 meeting is located at

I just learned that UNC was hit today with a Freedom of Information Act request from the N&O. They have been ordered to release their draft plan for Carolina North. Expect articles in Friday's papers.

I am sure this draft will lead to a great deal of comment in the community over the course of coming weeks and months. The potential impact on our communities is enormous. Waiting on the edge of my seat.....


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