2005 election warm up

The Daily Tarheel had articles today looking ahead to this fall's local elections in Chapel Hill and Carrboro. There wasn't any big news, but it's good to start getting people on the record. Here's what it looks like so far:

In Carrboro: In addition to the Mayor, Alderpeople Diana McDuffee, Jacquie Gist and John Herrera are up for re-election. I don't think any of them have decided, but Jacquie and Diana are leaning against running after having put in many years of service. I'm pretty sure Mayor Mike Nelson is serious this time when he says he's not going to run anymore. Alex Zaffron and Mark Chilton, the other two Alderpeople (whose seats are safe this year), are considering it. And 2003 mayoral challenger Jeff Vanke has moved from definitely running to maybe.

In Chapel Hill: Mayor Kevin Foy and Councilpeople Ed Harrison, Mark Kleinschmidt, Dorothy Verkerk, and Edith Wiggins are are up. The Mayor is undecided, and Councilperson Bill Strom will be a very strong candidate for Mayor if Kevin steps down. None of the four incumbent Councilpeople have tipped their hands yet, but my guess is (or is it my hope?) that some will stay and at least one will go. A few challengers are getting in line, including: Laurin Easthom, a neighbor of the Horace Williams tract who has been outspoken about managing UNC's growth; Robin Cutson, who already has her own website; and UNC neighbor Gene Pease, who like Laurin is involved with NRG. Progressive student leader Tom Jensen has decided not to run, but will be getting involved by supporting other candidates in the election this year. I think he made a smart choice.

The filing period doesn't even open until July, so everyone still has a lot of time to make up their minds.

So... What have you heard?



Ha, I love it.

Let me see. (1) Yes, I live (and vote) in Chapel Hill, off of Weaver Dairy Road; (2) No, I have no intention of running in the 2005 elections.

WillR - sticks and stones...by the way, I try to stay with the issues in expressing my views, not deflect to an unrelated point or personal aspertions. Hence my strong interest in the safety and responsibility of elected officials and the red light camera issue. Have you or anyone seen any of the promised follow-up action to improve intersections which came from Bill (recorded position - more police doing traffic control), Mark (recorded position - immediately further study the safety of intersections and take action), or Sally (recorded position - solicit help from the State on intersection safety)? No, nothing.

WillR - (a) What is the ACS issue you refer to? (b) Your negative comments in your postings were obviously about certain politicians. I had just ask you to name them if you are going to make such claims. Was I right?

I think you'll find it hard to put a label on me.

I make no apologies for my friends and Doug I've known since coaching youth baseball together. I also donated to Val Foushee and Jim Protzman in the past.


Clairfy one thing for me - what do you mean when you refer to an Auctioneer? You have used it regularly in your postings. Be clear on what you mean pls. You have referred to me as supporing Auctioneers and others on this site in the same way. Perhaps folks would like some clarity on this. I assume it is an insult.

Bobby Clapp

BobbyC, an Auctioneer is a person that sells off others goods, whether those others accede or not, for the highest possible amount to maximize their cut of the profits. Traditionally, they speak very fast, often inserting some verbal babble, to increase the intensity of desire amongst the bidders. Sometimes, because of this heightened emotionality, one of the assembled will unintentionally bid and find themselves the owner of a shiny gewgaw or knicknack that might've, at first, seemed so desireable but will eventually end up in the dust heap in the back corner of the rusty old shed.

For more, I suggest you review this site.

'Actioneers' is a reference to Hazen Ham's organization Call2Action that came on buses to Chapel Hill Town Hall to save us. See:


Mmmmh. OK.



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