NAACP Honors McSurely

According to today's Herald,

the NAACP has selected Chapel Hill attorney Al McSurely as this year's winner of the William Robert Ming Advocacy Award. This is the highest honor the national civil rights group gives to an attorney.

McSurely is slated to receive the award July 11 at the annual convention of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People's in Milwaukee.

Congratulations to Al on this well-deserved honor. For background on McSurely and some of the many reasons why he is deserving of this award, read the Herald article.

McSurely's winning this reward should be a sobering as well as a celebratory moment for our community. After all, to win an award like this from the NAACP, one must be active in a community where there is persistent racial discrimination.




You beat me to the post. Al is a great attorney and an even more wonderful person. The whole community should be honored by his presence.

Congratulations Al on this well-deserved recognition.

I am proud to have called you co-counsel, Al! Congratulations for the recognition you deserve.

Congratulations to a man who has devoted his life to making sure everyone is treated equally in this United States. He does not grow weary in doing well. The community should be pround to call him citizen and resident. He embodies what the southern part of Orange County should be about. Bravo.

This decision to honor Al is the NAACP at its best. Al is a terrific advocate for fairness. The guy just keeps plugging away and raising his voice for justice, year after year, case after case.

Wow, what an incredible honor. From everything I have heard about Mr. McSurely over the years, it is an honor well deserved.

More well deserved recognition for Al McSurely:

This time in the form of an Independent Citizens Award!

I was surprised when I saw Al won this; simply because I couldn't believe he hadn't already! Congratulations on a very well deserved honor.


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