Summer series is ON

Here's the schedule so far for Chapel Hill's Summer Movie and Concert series - of which YOU are a sponsor, OP Readers!

Events are Wednesdays at 7:30 pm at McCorkle Place on Franklin Street.

June 22
concert: Cool John Ferguson (the rockin' blues)

June 29
movie: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

July 6
concert: Dub Addis (reggae)

July 13
movie: Bend it Like Beckham

July 20
concert (t.b.a.)

July 27
movie: Hitch

August 3
concert (t.b.a.)

The summer festival sponsors include: RBC Centura, Ram Development Group, Carolina Brewery, Carolina Car Wash, Chapel Hill Tire Car Care Center, Coldwell Banker Howard Perry and Walston, Earth Fare, Harris Incorporated, Local 506, The Readers of, Rosemary Village, Spanky's, UNC-Chapel Hill, University Florist, Chapel Hill News, Pa'lante Magazine, WCHL 1360 AM

Location: McCorkle Place on the UNC campus across from the E. Franklin St. post office. Free street parking! In case of rain, MOVIES will be moved to the Hanes Art Center behind the Ackland Art Museum. Concerts will be canceled. For more event information, contact mary&parrish at 919-338-1839.



Thanks to OP readers for being a sponsor of the Summer Series. The last concert will be at Hargraves Center, the Summer Events Advisory Committee wanted to have an event at the west end of downtown.

That was a nice show last night. At first I was suprised that no police were there to tell us to act right. Then I was pleased that we could act right with out being told to. I saw no booze and no litter. Dogs we kept on leashs. Turn out was weak. I think over time word will get out.

Not sure why you thought there would be a large police presence there, but anyway I agree it was a nice show. Dub Addis was great and the whole thing was very well-organized.

Next week is a soccer demo, banghra DJ, and then Bend it Like Beckham. Should be awesome. The week after that is blues master Cool John Ferguson, since his original show was rained out.


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