13th Piedmont Farm Tour


throughout Orange and neighboring counties

Come on out and support local, sustainable agriculture. Meet local farmers. See where your food is grown. Sign up for Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs), and just have fun.





I would like to go on the tour. What time is it and where is it?


The self guided tour is Saturday and Sunday April 19 & 20 from 1pm-6pm. It encompasses 35 farms scattered throughout Orange and neighboring counties. The best way to do it is to get a map from one of the sources listed on those links above, or download one, buy an entrance button, (again from sources off links or at the first farm you visit), figure out which farms you want to see and then gather up a whole car full of your friends and family and spend an afternoon or two touring the county. There's 35 farms on this year's tour, but realistically it's pretty tough to actually get to see more than about 1 farm per hour, so pick out 4-6 from the description list and map out your own personal route. Entry buttons are $25 in advance, or $30 at the first farm you visit, or you can pay $10 per farm. The button is good for a whole carload and for all 35 farms. All proceeds benefit Carolina Farm Stewardship Association. (link below)




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