16th Annual Piedmont Farm Tour


Saturday, April 16, 2011 - 1:00pm to Sunday, April 17, 2011 - 5:00pm

10 Acre Lot Question

I have been following up on my previous blog regarding small farm development in Orange County.  A key to any successful entireprise is being covered by the NC Bona Fide Farm statute.   I find the statute wording to be confusing, but a key provision is that 10 acres of land needs to be comprised of land in production or contiguous woodlands or wetlands.  Based on this rule, the minimum practical size for a Bona Fide farm in NC is approximately 11 acres, 10 to meet the rule in the statue and at leasts an acre for buildings and roads. 

Zoning Limits on Agricultural Activities in Orange County?

Lately I have read many articles on the success and development of small farms and agri-businesses across the country.  Key to the success of these operations is on-site processing of the agricultural products to add value. For example, rather than simply raising goats, the farmer would collect the milk, process to cheese and potentially retail on site.  Another example was a farmer growing hops and barley for an on-site microbrewery.

A nearby example would include grape growing and wine production in the Yadkin Valley.

11th Annual Orange County Agricultural Summit

From the County:

The 11th Annual Orange County Agricultural Summit will be held on Monday, February 9, 2009 starting at 8:30 a.m. until lunch.  The summit will be held at the old Orange Enterprise building, 500 Valley Forge Road in Hillsborough.

This year the featured speaker will be Steve Troxler, the Commissioner of Agriculture for the State of North Carolina.  In addition, topics of discussion will include, youth in agriculture, farm diversification, government programs that assist farmers in energy conservation and how to enhance farm income with hunting leases.

Lunch will be served using locally grown agricultural products as part of the $5 registration fee.  Seating is limited, please respond no later than February 5, 2009.

To register and for additional information contact the North Carolina Cooperative Extension - Orange County Center at (919) 245-2050.


Monday, February 9, 2009 - 3:30am


Orange Enterprise building, 500 Valley Forge Road, Hillsborough

NOFFN- An Inspiring Experience

During ECHHS's spring break, I went to New Orleans to do relief work with a delegation from The Community Church of Chapel Hill (Unitarian Universalist). The trip was great, we have a blog posted if you are interested in reading about it ( I worked a bit in the Lower Ninth Ward where I helped to reconstruct an old gutted house. I also helped by gardening in one of the neighborhoods. The projects are being run by a group call New Orleans Food and Farm Network. Here is their site:

NOFFN is a prime example of grassroots networking. I was wondering if we have anything like it in Chapel Hill. If so, how can I get involved? If not, would it be possible to start something like it?




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