OP Brunch with author Deanna Zandt


Saturday, September 18, 2010 - 6:30am


Weaver Street Market lawn, Carrboro

On Saturday we'll be having a special OP Brunch (think: OP Happy Hour, but earlier) with Deanna Zandt. She's the author of the new book Share This! How You Will Change the World with Social Networking. We'll have a discussion of how new media can be used for hyperlocal activism, how it IS used here in OC, and probably a variety of other interesting topics that are likely to come up in conversation with Deanna who is smart, funny, and has great politics and fun stories from many years of work for left-wing causes and personalities.

I'll update this post with a LOCATION and confirmation of the time as soon as possible. And I'll tweet it at @orangepolitics, natch.   We'll meet on the lawn at Weaver Street market.


As much as I love hanging out at Johnny's on Saturday mornings, I think Weaver Street Market's lawn will provide more flexibility and will accomodate our children, dogs, etc.Hope to see some of you there! (You can RSVP at the top of this page if you like, or just come.) 

I'm so sorry I can't be there.  I look forward to reading accounts of the meet-up on various social networking sites.

I have yet to see how social netowrking has changed anything but have people buy more gadgets, so I hope I can make it to this talk. I feel the internet is more about clictivism than activism, a way to vent without sacrificing. And I think it separates up instead of connects us.

And what is "hyperlocal", sound like someone nervously looking out for the bugs under their feet! That really is a strange term. It seems to have started as a marketing term n the 90's. More marketing I guess. But sad that we need to use the internet to connect us with our neighbor. 

This is what activism used to look like:


and now:




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