OP Happy Hour


Wednesday, March 26, 2008 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm


Milltown, 307 E. Main St., Carrboro

It's time for our quarterly gathering, folks! This one will focus on the upcoming primaries. (local, state, and national) It will also serve as the monthly BlogTogether meet-up, so this is a great chance to meet some local bloggers.

This will be our last Happy Hour before the May primary so let's see if we can get some candidates to join us. Any suggestions for location?


How about Fuse? They have that little area on the side or even in the patio. Available parking around the area within walking distance.
We had our last happy hour (in December) there. I like Fuse, but the wifi only seems to work in the main room.

What about Milltown, SouthernRail, or Glasshalfful!



Open Eye has WiFi and alcoholic drinks. How about there?
We had last fall's OP birthday party at Southern Rail, so let's not go back there quite yet. Thanks for all the suggestions. Keep them coming...
Milltown is more fun than Open Eye, with great service and that dandy patio. We had a fine time there on Election Night, remember?
Please come to Milltown at 6pm on Wednesday 3/26 (next week), and pressure your favorite candidates and elected officials to stop by as well. We won't bite, I promise! ;-)
Take alternative transportation or have a designated driver for your group, please.

Patrick's offer is still in effect, so I will buy a drink for whoever can show they have used transit the most times in the past month. (I might even buy a round for whoever is prompt enough to be there at 6:00.) Plus, free stickers for everyone!

I assume folks headed to the meeting at Town Hall can walk, as it's less then 15 minutes away. But do try to not to get loaded and drive, 'K thanks!

PS: I will be wearing an OP t-shirt and orange scarf - easy to find. 

Thanks to everyone who came. Especially elected officials Mark Chilton and Ed Harrison, and judicial candidate Glenn Gerding. It was great to have some cross-pollination with the BlogTogether folks, we may have to do that again.

See you in June!

(Meant to post this earlier, but all that fine construction over at Greenbridge knocked out my power for the second time this week)

I hate to make a "me too" variety response, because I'm sure I do enough of that already. But I definitely want to encourage anyone, particularly those of you who are readers but who don't post regularly, to show up at the next happy hour. It was great to be able to put some faces to names for those of you who I had never met in person before, and to see some familiar faces too! As an added plus, we all seemed a lot more cordial in real life than we sometimes manage to be on the internet. I think it is extremely helpful to remind ourselves every once in a while that when we argue discuss things here that we're not just talking to a computer, but to a real person.


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