Thursday, June 26, 2008 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm



UPDATE: Friday is just too darn crowded, so we're moving to Thursday!

Update to the update: There is a big meeting about Carolina North on Thursday so we will just need to find a new time, probably after July 4th so we can plan properly. Stay tuned. 

Since this is the same day & time as Hillsborough Last Friday art walk, I'd like to do it up there but I know most of the restaurants are packed on last Fridays so not sure where...


but I might have to pass if it happened in Carrboro or Chapel Hill. I live there and would enjoy the opportunity to visit Hillsborough.

... unless y'all want to do it at the new Weave, there's no way I'll make it.  But let me go ahead and put in my pitch to have it there.  :)

 In conjunction with Hillsborough's Last Friday event, June 27, Weaver Street Market will celebrate opening and our 20th Anniversary from 6-8 pm and will feature marimba music, face painting, Balloonman Bob, and Henna tattoos. Sign the giant Birthday Card, free Birthday cake served with Maple View Ice Cream while it lasts, purchase a 20th Anniversary souvenir t-shirt and enter a raffle for great prizes!

Actually that's a good idea, Jason. My only concern is whether there will be room for us to at least clump together if not actually have our own space.
my requests: kid friendly and in chapel hill or carrboro. weaver street in carrboro (not hillsborough - sorry jason!) would be great. or maybe that train restaurant place?  

It seems the stars are aligned against Friday. Can folks meet on Thursday instead? Maybe we could meet *near* the WSM lawn in Carrboro, or take the patio at the Orange County Social Club, or the beer garden at Southern Raoil, or...


Of course, my inability to drop in anywhere too removed from the WSM lawn continues on Thursday nights until the end of August.  But don't let me stop y'all from having a good time.
Too much going on and not enough lead time. Stand by and I will announce another date shortly. As always, suggestions are welcome.

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