Snow Daze - Council Meeting Delayed

We're covered in ice and snow yet again! Why couldn't we get storms like this when I was a kid and longed for them? Now I am a telecommuter so as long as the power is on, I don't get snow days. :(

Feel free to share your snow stories here in this open thread. Anyone know if the Chapel Hill Town Council is still meeting tonight? Their website is still down!

Pardon the Rant

I was about to post about the big decision on Monday about Red Light Cameras, but I am once again stopped in my tracks by the Town of Chapel Hill's website, which is so haphazardly cobbled together that instead of seeing the front page I am seeing this:

You don't have permission to access / on this server.

What the heck is going on? Can someone (Terri?, Paul?) tell me why there isn't room in Chapel Hill's multi-million-dollar town budget for one qualified, full-time webmaster and a consultant to redesign the site and make it useable?

Shall We Dance?

At last Monday's Chapel Hill Town Council meeting, a group of neighborhood activists proposed to shed some light on relations between Council members and high-ranking UNC administrators.


The coalition's petition called on the council to immediately cease all individual meetings with UNC officials, even though they're legally allowed, and to "recognize that those UNC officials participating in this effort are acting as paid lobbyists and that the town should adopt a regulation requiring registration of lobbyists and the disclosure of their activity." Chapel Hill Herald, 1/15/04


Nancy Suttenfield, UNC vice chancellor of finance and administration, said last week that the university recently adopted a policy of pairing top-level administrators and trustees with individual council members.



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