Hi all, Just a reminder , take it for what it is worth. Thank you .Gary Kahn


Hi all, I just finished an interview   on WCHL 1360 AM and 97.9 FM  which can be heard Monday 9/30 on the morning, afternoon, evening news from 600-900 AM, and  300-630 PM. Thank you. Gary Kahn

Political Signs

Hi all, Just noticed that Maria  Palmer and George C have  put out their political signs, As one person said at a Town Council  meeting ,a couple of years ago ,which I attended , WHAT AN EYESORE| I agree I pledge to you NO POLITICAL  SIGNS FOR ME, IM A  BUMPER STICKER TYPE OF GUY. Gary Kahn

Gary Kahn Website

hi all, I do not have an official website but you can read all about me by doing a google, bing, or yahoo  search by Gary Kahn Chapel Hill or Gary Kahn in Chapel Hill. Gary Kahn

Earth First Journal Collective Media Workshop

On Saturday Aug 17th, come out from 2-5 p.m. at Internationalist Bookstore at 405 W. Franklin St. in Chapel Hill for the “Earth Nightly News​​”​ program and Independent Media Workshop with editors from the Earth First! Journal Collective out of Lake Worth, Florida and the Appalachian office in Western NC. Find out how you can get involved in EF! Media projects and more. Participants will discuss where they get their news, which forms are most used, and how under-reported events and organizing can get more attentions through alternative press.

The Earth First! Journal has been a circulating printed newspaper and magazine for over 32 years. As the voice of the international direct action movement, the EF! Journal Collective maintains a number of media projects to help communicate the actions and ecological news to the world. Join us for a presentation, live news program and discussion about reading, writing and producing independent media.

 Presenters from the journal include:

Leah Rothschild, editor and project manager of the Earth First! Journal for the past 5 years. Leah was a committee member of the Forest Cafe in Edinburgh from 2002-2005, an organizing member of the anti-G8 campaign in Scotland in 2005, lived at the Bilston Glen Anti-Bypass Protest Site in a threatened ancient woodland, an organizing member of Reclaim the Commons in Chicago in 2006, and is a founding member of Parasol Project—a community arts organization in Tucson, Arizona. Leah toured and lived on a veggie-powered school bus during two national tours, has had writing published by a number of university and independent presses and has a Bachelor of Art (BFA) degree, with honors, from the Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland.

Panagioti Tsolkas

New father and current editor on the *EF! Journal*collective and EF! activist organizer since 1997. From 2000-2004 he was a trainer for the Ruckus Society. In 2004 he ran for the Mayor of Lake Worth, Florida. Since 2005, Tsolkas has been co-chair of the grassroots Palm Beach County Environmental Coalition, a group which files litigation regarding development issues in the Everglades. He has been on the planning committee for three Earth First! Organizers Conferences (2000, 2006 and 2008), and in 2009 spent 5 months traveling with the Earth First! Roadshow. In 2010 Panagioti co-founded Uncivil Landscapes, a work collective which creates part-time income opportunities through native landscaping for local activists in South Florida. Tsolkas was named ‘Troublemaker of the Year’ in 2009 by New Times magazine (Broward/Palm Beach edition). He has no formal education past 10th grade; he is diploma-free and proud.


Saturday, August 17, 2013 - 2:00pm to 5:00pm


Internationalist Bookstore 405 W. Franklin St.



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