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This Week in Orange Politics: March 2-8


Despite a condensed schedule due to today’s weather, it will be a busy week in Orange County. Rogers Road will be the agenda for both the Carrboro Board of Alderpersons and the County Commission. While the Orange School Board Hillsborough Commissioners take a break, the Chapel Hill Town Council will focus on Ephesus-Fordham and the Chapel Hill-Carrboro School Board considers its budget and the designation of over- and under-crowded schools.


Regular Meeting: Tuesday, March 4, 7:30 pm, Town Hall Board Room


Tracing the Trading Path

Long before European settlers came here, Native Americans lived in the area that is now Orange County. Native Americans created a prominent village on the banks of the Eno River—centuries before the place came to be called Hillsborough. Through the village of the Occaneechis ran a well-established path—a path which the Europeans called the Indian Trading Path, the Catawba Path, the Old Trading Path, or the Western Trading Road. In its full extent, the Trading Path ran from the vicinity of Petersburg, VA, to Mobile, AL.

More locally, the Trading Path had a well defined route from the Eno River to the Haw River. West from the Eno River, it more or less followed the current route of Old NC 10, Bowden Road, and Old Hillsborough Road to the present site of the Hawfields Presbyterian Church on NC Hwy 119.

This Week in Orange Politics: February 24-March 2

Candidate filing closes this Friday, so don’t forget to join us Friday night at Steel String Brewing in Carrboro to meet candidates in this year's elections at our Candidate Coming Out Party.

In terms of the county’s public bodies, the national issues of Medicaid expansion and the Affordable Care Act will come before the Chapel Hill Town Council and Orange County School Board, while Carrboro and the County Commissioners will both hold hearings on their respective land use ordinances.



Regular Meeting: Tuesday, February 25, 2014, 7:30pm, Town Hall Board Room



 It appears that as far as I can see on the political scene that there is a civil war here in orange county between liberal democrats and  conservative republicans. Where are the moderates of both parties.  Which of the current candidates of either party declare that he or she is a moderate liberal democrat or moderate conservative republican . Perhaps I might  declare I"M  a moderate liberal republican.  Gary Kahn

This Week in Orange Politics: February 10-16

From the budget to Rogers Rd. to new teacher contract rules, the elected bodies of Orange County will be tackling a wide range of subjects this week. In Chapel Hill, the focus will be on the Rogers Rd. ETJ and sewer project, while budget priorities and parking will be discussed in Carrboro. The Orange County School Board will dsicuss teacher contracts and a communications plan, while the Chapel Hill-Carrboro School Board will hold its leadership retreat.



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