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Local blogging

I am so excited to see the increasing number of people blogging in and around Orange County! Greensboro has a thriving blogger community (see Greensboro 101, GSOlive, and TriadBlogs - much of this is due to inspiration by Ed Cone), I wonder if we could (or would want to) do the same here? The ball has already started rolling with a conference about blogging to be held in Chapel Hill on February 12. Yours truly will be there, and I hope some of you will come to represent the participants in this "blog community" as well.

A number of us have been talking about developing a list of local bloggers. There is already a Triangle list being maintained at, but I think there would be some value in a list of blogs that discuss or are from Orange County specifically.

Electoral Reform Begins at Home

There are four major electoral changes that Orange County voters should consider. Take note everyone, I said ‘consider.' I am not entirely sure what the best approach would be, but I do think the current system doesn't adequately reflect the diversity of viewpoints in Orange County.

For what they are worth, here are four ideas for County electoral reform that have been bandied about:

1. Increasing Membership

Carrboro Considers Annexation

Tonight's Carrboro Board of Aldermen meeting was mostly dedicated to considering a possible annexation of the various neighborhoods along the west side of Rogers Road, including the Highlands, Fox Meadow, Fox Run and other 1980's and 1990's subdivisions. The proposed annexation area also includes about half of the lots that actually front on Rogers Road - these lots are part of a neighborhood that was largely built in the 1950's and is simply known as the Rogers Road neighborhood.

I proposed that we take annexation of the Rogers Road neighborhood off the table because the neighborhood asked Chapel Hill and Carrboro to consider relocating the two Towns' annexation boundary line so that we would not end up with half the neighborhood in Carrboro and half in Chapel Hill. We held those discussions about 8 years ago in connection with compensating Rogers Road area residents for the impact of the landfill (which was built after the Rogers Road neighborhood was already there; Highlands etc. were all built after the landfill).

Orange County School Board Race

A lot of folks don't seem to want to talk about anything but the Orange County School Board race and it's ugly twin sister, the merger debate. Here's an open thread for those people so they can stop hijacking other topics of interest to the rest of us. Enjoy.



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