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Community Town Hall Meeting with Greenpeace Energy Expert Mike Johnson

What:  Community Town Hall Meeting with Greenpeace Energy Expert Mike Johnson
Where: Eno River Unitarian Church, 4907 Garrett Road  Durham, NC 27707
When:  Monday, November 12th, 7pm Johnson is on a state wide tour, talking about the possibilities for a cheaper, cleaner, renewable energy future for North Carolina. Mike brings 10 years of experience including stints at the Illinois Solar Energy Association and City of Chicago’s Department of Environment.

Mike will discuss the recent Greenpeace report, Charting the Correction Course, produced in association with leading energy software company Ventyx. The report details how North Carolinians could save more than $108 billion dollars over the next twenty years if Duke Energy switched to cleaner, cheaper renewable energy.


Monday, November 12, 2012 - 7:00pm


Eno River Unitarian Church, 4907 Garrett Road Durham, NC 27707

Cleaner energy solutions to combat Duke Energy’s rate hikes for more dirty energy.

Chapel Hill Special Topics Session: Large Crowd Management

The Town of Chapel Hill Special Topics sessions continue for the community with a presentation on large crowd management at noon Wednesday, Oct. 17, in the Council Chamber of Town Hall, 405 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend.

Chapel Hill public safety leadership has gained attention for its unique ability to manage large crowd celebrations. Police Chief Chris Blue and Fire Chief Dan Jones will discuss some of the strategies that Chapel Hill employs to manage such large scale events.

From Halloween to NCAA basketball championships, large crowds in downtown Chapel Hill can easily soar to the tens of thousands of people. Enormous crowds confined in a congested half-mile stretch of Franklin Street can present public safety concerns related to personal and property crime, crowd panic and large scale civil disorders. Additional concerns focus on alcohol poisoning, injuries and gang-related violence.

The presentation will be followed by a question and answer session.

Chief Blue began work with the Town of Chapel Hill in 1997. A UNC graduate who grew up in Chapel Hill, he is married with two daughters.

Chief Jones came to Chapel Hill from Florida in 1990 to become fire chief. He has 38 years of experience in the fire service, rising through the ranks. His wife and daughter are teachers, and his son-in-law is a police officer.

The Special Topics series began during the Chapel Hill 2020 comprehensive planning process as a way to share information with interested residents who want to know more about issues, trends and studies that affect the future. For past topics, see

The public event will be aired live on Chapel Hill Government TV-18 and streamed on the Town of Chapel Hill website at For more information about the special topic series, contact Catherine Lazorko at or 919-969-5055.



Wednesday, October 17, 2012 - 12:00pm


Council Chamber, Chapel Hill Town Hall

Free drugs for kids

A friend of mine who is a teacher at a local high school asked me to post the following story. My friend requested that I share this without any identifying information so as not to compromise student trust and confidentiality.

One of my students (a 16 year old) is on the email list for Expressions, the shop on Franklin Street. Over Labor Day Weekend, he received an email stating that if he came in to the store and said the words "purple bud" he would get a good sized free sample of some brand of Spice -- synthetic weed.  He did. This particular brand of synthetic weed is "legal" only because the laws regulating most synthetic weed as a class one scheduled narcotic haven't quite caught up to the chemicals that are sprayed on the plants.  Apparently, North Carolina has recently joined an initiative with 28 other states banning these forms of synthetic marijuana.

Good Neighbor Initiative 2012 Neighborhood Night Out & Block Party

This event is always a good time and a great way to meet your neighbors (if you live in Northside) and community leaders (if you live anywhere). From Facebook:

The GNI Neighborhood Night Out and Block Party is an annual community event and opportunity to build strong, healthy connections between student and non-student residents of neighborhoods surrounding Downtown Chapel Hill and UNC. The event is free, and includes food (BUNS!, Ben & Jerry's, McAlisters), music, games and prizes for all ages. This event is sponsored by the Town of Chapel Hill, UNC-Chapel Hill, the Carolina Union Activities Board (CUAB), Empowerment, Inc., and the Downtown Partnership.


Thursday, September 13, 2012 - 5:00pm to 9:00pm


Hargraves Community Center, 216 North Robertson Street, Chapel Hill, NC



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