New neighbors

We knew last summer that then-Senator John Edwards and his wife Elizabeth bought some property in Orange County just west of Carrboro. The picture became more complete with the announcement last Friday that Edwards has received a faculty appointment at UNC and will direct a new Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity.My first reaction: what a testament to the drawing power of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro school system! It can't help John Edwards' exponentially-growing political career to hail from one of the most famously left-leaning communities in the region. I guess they felt it was worth spending some political capital to get the best for Jack and Emma. Of course I'm assuming they will be in public school.Second thought: the Edwardses are certainly role models for the nouveaux rich yuppies by positioning themselves to pay county/school taxes but not town taxes.

Building a third high school: slow and steady wins the race

I read in the Chapel Hill Herald this weekend that administrators in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro School System are starting to get a little nervous about getting our third high school open on schedule for 2007 (it was originally supposed to open in 2005, oops). With schools already overcrowded (and classes pretty big even when they're below capacity), I'm completely in favor of opening more schools.

Help Wanted

The Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools website reports as follows:

Applications to Fill School Board Vacancy Due Nov. 19

Valerie Foushee formally resigned from the Board of Education Nov. 4 after she was elected Nov. 2 to serve on the Orange County Board of County Commissioners. Foushee has served on the school board for seven years. Her term will expire in 2005.

The board has announced plans to advertise the opening and will conduct an orientation session for potential candidates on Nov. 11 at 3 p.m. at Lincoln Center.

Applications are due Nov. 19 by 5 p.m. to the Superintendent's Office. The timeline and application forms are available on the school system's website at:

Board members will interview candidates at a special meeting on Nov. 29 and select a replacement on Dec. 2. The new board member will be sworn into office on Dec. 16 to complete Foushee's unexpired term. Next School Board Discussion on High School Schedules Slated for Nov. 18

Fourth vandal attack on local advocate

I don't get offended by much, but this is really shocking to me:

A woman who has been fighting to stop high school students from drinking at unsupervised parties had three vehicles egged [and received an obscene note] at her home...

It's the fourth such incident since Pratt-Wilson went public with her concerns that local teenagers seem to have easy access to alcohol and that parents aren't properly supervising their children.

The first incident occurred July 14, when someone threw beer bottles and trash in Pratt-Wilson's yard, Cousins said. The second incident occurred July 23, when someone broke the right side mirror off her car, cracked the windshield and put a dent in the door above the window, according to the police.
- Chapel Hill Herald, Police Log, 10/18/04

Where did all the kids go?

This was surprising news: Chapel Hill-Carrboro Schools (you know, the ones that are overcrowded because of the rapid growth of our school-aged community) only added 68 new students this school year. This was so far under expectations that they may have to give some money back to the state. Don't worry - both high schools are still over capacity.

I haven't noticed any radical changes in development patterns. The only explanations I can think of are charter schools taking in more students, or the Schools Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance (SAPFO). But I don't think SAPFO has been implemented yet. The Chapel Hill News called it a "pause" in our ongoing growth spurt. I wonder if this could this signal a significant change in our development patterns?



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