How do I keep up with all this information?

There are a number of ways to keep track of new content on OrangePolitics.  You can get updates on the web, by e-mail, via RSS, or even on Twitter! You can also choose whether you want to know about all new content including comments, or only blog posts, or just front page entries.Web:

  • Latest content shows all new content, including blog entries and event listings, and also shows which have been most recently commented upon. If you are logged in, it will also show how many new comments have been posted since your last visit.
  • My watchlist shows the latest posts by other users that you have selected to follow. Add users to your watchlist by clicking their name and clicking Add to watchlist on the profile page.
  • Browse by month, category, or tag in the right sidebar of every page.


  • OP Junkies receive updates every three hours of all new posts, and (optionally) all new comments. Subscribe by visiting your profile, and clicking the 'My notification settings' tab.
  • A Daily Summary of new front page entries is availble.
  • The Weekly Digest is a recap of front page entries with occasional bonus content. It is sent each Sunday or Monday. (This may be phased out or transformed into something else soon.)

Syndicated feeds:Subscribe to these RSS feeds in the agggregator of your choice (eg: Bloglines, Google Reader, My Yahoo, etc.).





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