How do I keep up with all this information?

There are a number of ways to keep track of new content on OrangePolitics.  You can get updates on the web, by e-mail, via RSS, or even on Twitter! You can also choose whether you want to know about all new content including comments, or only blog posts, or just front page entries.

How do I recover my old OP account?

If you were registered on OP before we changed platforms in 2008, you already have an account here. Click here to access it, or read on for detailed directions.

Why should I register on OP?

All that's required to register on OrangePolitics is an e-mail address, although we also request that you share some additional information about yourself. Click here to register (or login) now.

There are many benefits to signing up. The two main ones are:

  • Post comments without moderation. (All anonymous comments are held for moderation and are displayed in gray text.)
  • Create your own blog entries and add calendar events.
But wait, there's more...

How do I get my post on the front page?

Anyone who completes the registration process on OrangePolitics can publish blog entries. However, only users with editorial privileges can promote entries to the front page of the site*. Here are some of the criteria for determining whether to front page a post:

Where'd that page go? a.k.a. 404 Page not found

Have you followed a link to OrangePolitics only to get a "Page not found" message (or this here page) instead of the blog entry you were expecting? When we moved this site from Wordpress to Drupal in January 2008, we were able to keep most of the addresses from changing. However, there are some anomalies that fell through the cracks.



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