Earthquake! Where were you when you felt it?


and no one told me?  I guess it wasn't that bad.

Sitting at my desk in RTP.  First heard the slats of my window shade rattle, next felt the buidling begin to sway, then heard a coworker yell out "earthquake."  Overall a rahter unique and bizarre experience.

I was at home in Village West where OWASA is currently installing new sewer lines along Umstead Drive about 50 yards from my home. The construction work involves daily explosions, so my first reaction was: that's funny, I didn't hear the warning horns for that one, then: wow, this one is going on for a long time. I noticed my TV shake a little and the flowers on my deck vibrated the whole time (about 10 seconds or so), which does not normally happen when OWASA blasts.It wasn't until my husband (who is from Virginia) called to tell me that I realized what it was.


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