Alcohol for Rich Football Fans?

According to this morning's News and Observer, UNC is considering allowing alcohol in the new private suites and club boxes being added as part of the Kenan Stadium renovation. It's just an idea at this point and could be achieved through sales or BYO. Ironically, less than 2 months ago, the Daily Tar Heel reported that student alcohol poisonings on campus has 'grown rapidly in the past few years.'

Fifty-one cases of student alcohol poisoning were reported last school year, up from 28 in the 2007-08 school year and three the year before, according to data collected by the Office of the Dean of Students.

EMS has already reported 23 cases to the office as of Oct. 1 this semester.

The data is based solely on cases that required EMS assists, said Dean Blackburn, assistant dean of students. Victims of alcohol poisoning who live off campus do not always appear in the report.

Chapel Hill police cited the increase in alcohol poisonings as reason for their increased enforcement of alcohol violations.


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