Friends of Bolin Creek

FOBC Award to Mayor Mark Chilton

statement from Dave Otto, Friends of Bolin Creek:

Most of you know Mark Chilton as Mayor; some of you know him as the owner of Community Realty; and others know him as an enthusiastic old mill buff. Mayor Chilton's contributions to the community and to the Friends of Bolin Creek result from this unique blend of skills, experience and passion!

Let me give you an example. The foundation of an old mill is located a few hundred yards upstream of Spring Valley. Years ago friends told me that it had been built by Buck Taylor, who was the first steward of the University in 1795. Buck Taylor was a colorful rascal said to have been buried standing upright with a jug of whiskey in each hand. I enjoyed telling the legend of Buck Taylor, but was frustrated that we could not document the story.



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