Bill Strom resigning!

As reported by Kirk Ross of the Carrboro Citizen on OP and on the CC site, Chapel Hill Town Councilmember Bill Strom has announced that he will be resigning as of August 1, and will be leaving the area.

The interesting political implication is that I think the Council will now be expected to appoint a replacement since this resignation did not happen within the 40-day window before an election candidate filing period which would have led to an automatic appointment of the 5th vote-getter.

Soliciting rumors: Who's running in 2009?

Hey folks. Sorry for the interlude. I've been reading your comments, but between learning how to be a parent and starting to work again, I have not had much time to go to meetings or post on OP.

I can't help but notice on our calendar that the window for candidate filing is starting to sneak up. Any thoughts about who will be running for municipal and school board offices this year?


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