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Hal Crowther's cover article on the Occupy movement in this week's Indy lambasts Chapel Hill police overkill like only he can.

Indy endorsements 2010

As usual, there's some good in the Independent Weekly's endorsements, and some bad, and... oh hey, there's a judicial race this year?  Wow, thanks for the heads up, Indy.

They recommend Renee Price for Commissioner District 2, and Barry Jacobs for the At-large district. I'm sure some of you readers will respectfully disagree and prefer Joal Broun, but I think she's fine where she is and I'd would rather see Barry continue his good work on the Board of County Commissioners.

The surprise for me was that they chose to endorse 28-year incumbent Lindy Pendergrass for Sheriff rather than former Hillsborough Police Chief Clarence Birkhead. There is no doubt that Pendergrass has served us well (for longer than some voters have been alive), but Birkhead seems more in line with Orange County values today.

For Orange County School Board, they picked Debbie Piscitelli, Anne Medenblik, Donna Dean Coffey, Laura Nicholson. But they didn't offer much explanation for not endorsing Brenda Stephens, I thought.

Here's the Indy's entire slate:

Finding the Pulse of Franklin Street

Hey there.  My name is Andrew Neal, and I'm the owner of Chapel Hill Comics on West Franklin Street.  I've had in my RSS reader for a long time, but can't remember if I've ever posted anything here despite the fact that I have an account.

As a downtown business owner, I'm primarily interested in orangepolitics for the discussions in the Economy & Downtown category.  With recent posts about the lack of recent posts here, I thought I'd throw something into the mix and see if you're interested in discussing it.

Last week, the Independent ran the following article by Joe Schwartz

Indy Endorsements!

The very influential Independent Weekly announced its endorsements today for the primary election, which will be on May 2nd.

In the Orange County BOCC election, it couldn't pick. Thus it encourages you to vote for three out of the quartet of Fred Battle, Mike Nelson, Barry Jacobs, and Alice Gordon.

In the Superior Court race it endorses Carl Fox and Adam Stein.

For Congress it endorses David Price.

In the statewide Judicial races it endorses Robin Hudson for Supreme Court, and Bob Hunter and Linda Stephens for their respective Court of Appeals seats.

Pretty much on the mark in my opinion...

Is Chapel Hill About to Fracture?

Guest post by Nick Eberlein

Once the brouhaha over November's council race and the implications it would have for the town - and more pointedly, for town-UNC relations - died down weeks afterward, we have seen very little in the press about what we may expect in the coming months, years, etc. between the two parties. But when I was made aware of Bob Burtman's fresh column in this week's Indy, it seems that a whole new round of mud-slinging, compromising, controversy, stonewalling, or stalemate could easily begin very soon.

The article, I think anyway, does a good job of weaving a synthesis between the successful advocacy candidates, the gearing up of Carolina North negotiations, the matching of university powerbrokers with elected officials to shoot the bull over common issues, and the ensuing lobbying petition that has resulted. What makes this article interesting is it sourced entirely with anonymous quotes (e.g., "a council member," "a student enrolled in Jonathan Howes' class") and makes some pretty damning allegations.


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