Laura Nicholson

What's at issue in the School Board runoff

As you probably know by now, Laura Nicholson has requested a runoff against current School Board Chair Anne Medenblik.  The special runoff election will be held on June 22nd - the same day as the U.S.  Senatorial showdown between Democrats Elaine Marshall and Cal Cunningham.

Under the rules for the non-partisan school board race, a candidate may request a runoff if one or more top vote getters fails to win more votes than the total number of votes cast divided by the number of candidates running.

In the school board race, the threshold was 2,636 votes. Medenblik, who finished fourth in the race for four seats, won 2,565 votes; Nicholson won 2,500 votes 

- N&O: Runoff ahead in Orange County, 5/13/10 


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