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Five Months Late, County Commissioners Invite Comment on 2016 Bond Referendum

In an unusual move, the county commissioners have invited comment on 2016 bond referendum—even though it’s not on the agenda.

Letter to Representative Insko and Commissioner Gordon on School Funding

With the month of May coming, it time for flowers to bloom and for our school district to trim resources.   Every year when this happens I appreciate the flowers and figure there has to be a better way to fund our schools.  Below is the text of a letter I send to Representative Insko with copy to County Commissioner Alice Gordon.  There has to be a better approach that what we have now.  Thoughts and comments are appreciated. 

Gross Funding Inequality for Carrboro High School

According to the latest available figures from the CHCCS budget ...

If Carrboro High School was funded at the same level PER STUDENT as the other two district high schools, Carrboro High would receive $2 million more a year.

Carrboro High students are budgeted 52% less PER STUDENT than the larger high schools.

Schools propose 08-09 budgets

The County Commissioners have received the proposed budgets from both school systems. According to the Chapel Hill Herald, the city schools are requesting $61.2 million, a %12.56 increase in last year's budget. The county system is requesting an %8.35 increase to $23.8, which is actually less than they asked for last year.

The county school board recognizes, "the fiscal realities of the day," said school board Chairman Ted Triebel.

"[The budget] is well-researched, fully-debated and it is lean, very lean," he said. "This new fiscal approach, this minimal budget, comes with high expectations and confidence that you, our board of county commissioners, will favorably respond to the citizens of our district and look at this responsible budget to provide the necessary opportunities for our county's youth."

- County praises school boards' budgets, 4/23/08


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