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The most important endorsement

In honor of early voting starting yesterday in Hillsborough and this Monday in Chapel Hill and Carrboro, I am kicking off our annual special-rules endorsement thread. The rules are simple: tell us who you are voting for, if you want you can also tell us why. Please do not discuss any candidates you are not supporting, or your comment will be deleted. This is the one post a year where I require that you keep your comments nice. ;-)

Here's where to vote, see this post for more details.

Footloose Bruce petition & screening

1. There will be a discussion of the dancing ban and a screening of the movie Footloose on Sunday at 7 pm at 116 Old Pittsboro Rd in Carrboro. (Thanks, Michal.)

2. Please sign the petition below to support free expression on the lawn of Carr Mill Mall.

This is a special-rules OP post. For discussion, please join us at http://orangepolitics.org/2006/08/live-on-the-lawn . Any non-petition-signing comments will be removed. E-mail validation is still required. Commenting below will indicate agreement with the following statement:

Elections 2004

I am excited to release our first-ever Orange Politics Voter Guide! This is not intended to endorse any candidate or issue, although readers may feel free to post their own endorsements in the comments with the caveat that you may not refer to any other candidates that you are not endorsing (same rules as this primary thread).

A lot of this inforation is available from the Orange County Board of Elections or the N.C Board of Elections.

We tried to find candidate web sites when available, please contact us if you have more information. Also, we would like to add columns listing which endorsements each candidate has received, but we need volunteers to do the research... hint hint. Basically, this is a work in progress, so wait until closer to the election before you print it out for November 2.

Who's On Your List

I'd love to hear - in a positive way - who people are voting for in tomorrow's primary. The rules: only write who you are voting for (and why, if you like). Do not refer to any candidates for whom you are not voting. If you do not follow the rules, your comments will be removed.

So, who floats your boat? Or who bugs you less than the alternative?



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