OrangePolitics Survey Results, and the Raffle Winners Are...

Thanks to the 31 of you who completed our survey. We got quite a bit of helpful feedback. Below is a summary of what you told us.

We used to randomly select our 3 winners from those who completed the survey. The winners are…Mark Marcoplos, Terri Buckner, and Penny Rich. You can collect your prizes at our next OP Happy Hour on October 10 (location to be announced).

1. How did you first hear about OrangePolitics? (n = 31)

Many respondents noted that they had been reading OP for so long they didn’t remember how they first heard about it. Others said they learned about the site from one of the editors, a friend, or social media (Facebook, Twitter).

2. How do you usually access OrangePolitics? (n = 31)

Most respondents (58%) used the OP home page, and 42% followed links from Facebook or Twitter. Fewer respondents used the RSS feed or accessed OP through the Latest Content page.

3. What features of OrangePolitics do you use regularly? (n = 31)

Candidate forums: 68% (21)

Take the Chapel Hill Town Services Survey

Provide the Town of Carrboro some feedback on how the Town Commons is used. Click the Survey Monkey link bellow.

bike survey

 I just completed the Chapel Hill Bike Survey. Here is the link. 


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