Transfer tax

Citizens for Schools and Parks organizational meeting

Next week a group of Orange County residents will be organizing Citizens for Schools and Parks to advocate for passing the real estate transfer tax in Orange County.  This group will be ad-hoc and will dissolve after this May's vote on the issue.
If you are concerned about school, park and open space funding in Orange County and want to help pass this referendum, then please come to this meeting.  If you cannot come, then please email to let us know how you can help.
BE THERE: Wednesday March 26, 2008 at 7:30 pm at Carrboro Town Hall in Room 100.

Forum to address land transfer tax

What: forum to discuss land transfer tax

When: Thursday 7:30pm

Where: Homestead Community Center, 600 Homestead Road in Chapel Hill

Who: Seven Orange County Democratic precinct committees plus Sen. Ellie Kinnard, Orange County Commissioner Mike Nelson and Kara Milonzi, assistant professor of public law at UNC

More info: Sally Crumbaugh at 968-8587 or or Stan Cheren at 942-9493 or


Push poll anyone?

[Cross-posting a good story about push-polling on the Transfer Tax (which the commissioners discuss tonight)at BlueNC by Greg Flynn.]

Orange County residents have been on the receiving end of dubious push poll telephone calls recently, described by one recipient as:

...what may very well be the most egregious violation of research ethics I have every experienced. The questions were all about transfer tax in Orange County and it was sleazy. The company was named TDM Research in Birmingham

TDM Research, associated with Democratic political consulting firm The Tyson Organization, whose clients include Bob Etheridge, has been responsible for other dubious push polls in Florida and Virginia in the past.



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