The Mill on the Carolina North Floss

As we watched the oily horror spread through the Gulf, some fiendish homeowner's demons launched a shock-and-awe assault on the homefront, leaving us at one point without hot water, air-conditioning, television, all kitchen privileges, or garage door opener.  We particularly missed the A/C as six behemoth heaters and dehumidifiers blasted hot air throughout kitchen and living room.   Our savings have taken a breathtaking hit, soon to be eased somewhat by a low interest credit union equity-line-of-credit.  (We need more credit unions and fewer ... but that's another blog.)

The link between the oil spill and the pushme-pullyou of A/C vs. floor-drying machines hit me like that hot slap of air on emerging from an air-conditioned building into 98-degree heat -- and it did so as I was looking across Penobscot Bay at 3 windmills on an island. And I'd noticed several others have popped up, more or less one at a time, around the Boston area, NH, and Maine. 


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