Commissioner candidates emerging

Filing for the Orange County Board of Commissioners election begins February 11th. Of the folks rumored to be considering a run, Chapel Hill-Carrboro School Board Chair Pam Hemminger has been at the top of the list, and on Monday the Orange Chat blog made it official. Another likely candidate is Bernadette Pelissier of the Orange-Chatham Sierra Club (and formerly of the OWASA Board). I've also heard rumbling about an African American challenger from the county, and of course incumbent Valerie Foushee is expected to run for re-relection as well.

An interesting question emerges about which candidates will run in their respective districts, and which will go for the at-large seat. District 1 (Chapel Hill & Carrboro) will be electing 2 seats, while the rest of the county will elect one person from District 2.

With Moses Carey Jr. running for state Senate and two additional seats on the county Board of Commissioners, we'll have some new faces on the board next year.

Pam Hemminger says she wants to be one of them.

The Chapel Hill-Carrboro City School board chairwoman ran for a commissioner's seat in 2004 and lost. She says she learned a lot during and after that campaign, and that the next board will have to deal with serious budget issues, growth planning and economic development.

- |Orange Chat - Hemminger says she'll run for county board, 1/14/08

Who else might be eyeing a spot on the reconfigured Board of Commissioners? And which districts/seats do you think each candidate will go for?



What is everyone's assessments of Valerie Foushee? Has she made enough of an impact to earn an uncumbent's advantage?

As expected, Bernadette Pelissier is now officially in the race as well.

"One of the most important things going on is the revision of the Orange County comprehensive plan," said Pelissier, referring to the document that will guide growth in the county for decades. She said she wants to help draft the ordinance changes that the plan will require. She also cited the solid waste transfer station siting decision as an important choice facing the next board.

- Orange Chat: Pelissier to run for board, 1/16/08


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