Will Congressman Price vote for more war funding today?!

North Carolina has offered county commissioners 2 choices in raising taxes: land transfer tax or sales tax. These taxes are, in part, needed as counties and municipalities are struggling to fill in growing gaps that are left after the funding cuts in social services that the Federal government has made as it diverts, the already diminished (due to tax cuts), federal tax revenue -- which is wasted on war.

The House of Representatives will vote as soon as today -- Thursday, May 8 -- on an additional $162.6 billion for the war and occupation in Iraq!

Amazingly, the bill includes $66 billion for fiscal year 2009. This means the funds for the occupation will keep flowing well into the next administration, allowing the new president a free hand to continue the war and occupation with little or no accountability to Congress until next spring. This is an appalling abdication of responsibility.

At a time when money is urgently needed in our communities, the new bill would bring the total for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to an unimaginable $874 billion. By including FY09 funding, the Democratic Party House leadership is effectively taking the war off the congressional agenda for the rest of this year. This might be our last opportunity to fight a war funding bill before the next president takes office and the new Congress is seated.

On April 25, Representative David Price was forwarded the most recent Orange County Democrat resolution requesting that he not vote for more funding of the war (as of yesterday, there has been no response from Congressman Price):


Withhold Further Funding of the War In Iraq

WHEREAS it has now been shown that the President of the United States made his case to the Congress and the American People for the war in Iraq based upon apparently deliberate misinterpretation of intelligence as to the intention and actions of the Iraq government toward the United States;

WHEREAS an overwhelming majority of American troops serving in Iraq think the U.S. should exit the country within the next year, and more than one in four say the troops should leave immediately;

WHEREAS an overwhelming majority of Iraqis would like U.S. forces to exit the country within a year;

WHEREAS Iraqis of all sectarian and ethnic groups believe that the U.S. military invasion is the primary root of the violent differences among them, and see the departure of "occupying forces" as the key to national reconciliation.

WHEREAS the “Declaration of Principles” issued by the United States and the US-backed, US-installed Iraqi government, a government under military occupation, envisions U.S. forces to remain indefinitely in Iraq in order to “deter foreign aggression and also to facilitate and encourage the flow of foreign investments [to] Iraq, especially American investments.”

WHEREAS the American public generally agrees that the Democrats success in the 2006 mid-term elections was effectively a referendum on the War;

WHEREAS the Democratic Party, in its deep gratitude and unalterable support for the dedication and bravery of our service men and women and their families, cannot stand by while more of our service men or women are killed or maimed by prolonging the senseless policy of the Bush Administration.

WHEREAS the Democratic party cannot condone the killing of another million lives in Iraq.

WHEREAS Representative David Price is a ranking member of the House Appropriations Committee;

WHEREAS the only power Congress has to represent effectively the will of the people to pull out of Iraq by the end of the year is through the withholding or limiting the funds that make the war possible and the prohibition of funding for existing or prospective deployments;

WHEREAS 70 percent of Americans want Congress either to vote against Iraq war funding requests or to require that funds only be used to protect troops and bring them home.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Orange County Democratic Party join with other NC 4th Congressional District County and/or Precinct Democratic Parties in making a formal public requests to Representative David Price, and all members of the United States House of Representatives and United States Senate to:

1. support the insertion of the following provisions in all appropriations bills that fund directly or indirectly the war In Iraq:

None of the Funds herein appropriated under this act may be expended to support directly or indirectly combat activities, in or over Iraq by United States forces or contractors.

Nothing in this provision shall be interpreted to limit the expenditure of the funds necessary for withdrawal of American forces, material, and equipment, and its contractors, for the protection of troops and extraction activities in withdrawal, or for the necessary and proper medical assistance for all personnel, both during withdrawal or there after.

2. sign the Congressional Progressive Caucus’s letter to commit supporting only funding for the occupation of Iraq that protects and safely redeploys all troops out of Iraq before president Bush leaves office. Also, co-sponsor H.R. 5507 Fully Funded United States Military Redeployment And Iraqi Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2008 introduced by Congress Members Lee, Woolsey, and Waters.

3. urge House leadership not to bring up any more bills to fund the occupation of Iraq, vote No on any bill that funds the occupation of Iraq, and Vote ‘No’ on any procedural vote to bring funding of the occupation of Iraq up for a vote

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the North Carolina General Assembly is hereby urged to pass a resolution asking the North Carolina Congressional delegation to oppose any further funding of the Iraq war.

It is urgent to let Congressman Price know of your opposition to further funding of the Iraq war, call TODAY!, Congressman Price’s DC office at 202.225.1784 or his Chapel Hill office at 919.967.7924. To send an email to Congressman Price, go to: http://price.house.gov/contact/contact_form.shtml.

Please forward this to your distribution lists!






Thank you for posting this. Is there any place we can clearly look up Price's record on war funding resolutions?  Something like http://www.opencongress.org although I don't know quite what to look up...
Ruby, try this link that might be what you want.
Congressman David Price war funding record.  Sorry Ruby, I posted this below, before I realized that I could answer your post.
Thanks for posting this. I've been a supporter of David Price in the past but if he doesn't start putting his money where his mouth is on this issue I'll be taking a very hard look at his anti-war Republican opponent in the fall.

Unfortunately, Congressman David Price has had a war funding record that has allowed for the continuation of the war.

The good news is that Representative David Price voted for the first time against an Iraq funding bill when he voted on the final version of HR 2206.

A year ago, the prequal to the current Orange County Democratic Party resolution to 'Withhold Further Funding of the War In Iraq' was adopted by many precincts and 2 county parties of the 4th District. The resolution allowed us (the grassroots) in full confidence and officially as the Democratic party to sit down on three occasions with Representative David Price to ask that he not vote on any further funding for the war. I would like to believe that the pressure from the local Democrats was significant enough to make Congressman Price change course in how he has been voting -- a change away from the prescriptions of the national Democrats.

This latest resolution requests that congressman Price 'step it up' by using his seniority and clout in congress to lead in an even more progressive way.


What is Congressman David Price's position? 

As House leaders pulled the emergency supplemental spending bill from Thursday’s calendar, they face new problems from the party’s left wing in even getting the bill to the floor.

Looks like David Price voted with the majority and AGAINST this war funding bill. Thank you, Representative Price! http://clerk.house.gov/evs/2008/roll328.xml

Now it goes to the Senate where I am much less hopeful about our representatives. :-(

This Washington Post blog is helpful for trying to understand this afternoon's drama in the House on the amendments to HR 2642. More drama to follow!

Today the Senate passed the amendment to fund the war in Iraq and Afghanistan(165.4 billion) through next summer. This Senate version of the bill will be heading back to the house in early June after the memorial day recess.

If you haven't already, please contact Reperesentative David Price to thank him for voting against the war funding amendment in the house version last week. Representative Price should be back home during the memorial day recess. Also, let him know that he has your full support in his sustained position to discontinue further funding for the war.

This is the only way that this war can be stopped ... now!

Yesterday, the Democratic House of Representatives passed a 150 billion+ of war funds to continue the war into Obama's presidency.

Representative David Price fortunately, at least, voted against this murderous appropriations.  THANK YOU. 


Unfortunately, though, unlike most state legislatures or the DeLay Republicans when they were in power, the concept of the majority of the majority deciding which bill makes it to the floor is non-existent with these Democrats.



and let us take note that the dems are about to obliterate the 4th amendment with the passing of the current FISA bill.

remind me again why it was so important to get folks like heath shuler elected ? oh yeah, so the dems could take control of congress and end the war in iraq and hold the bush administration accountable... 



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