Favorite thing about ChapelBoro

Now that it is almost a year since we moved 14m miles south of ChapelBoro,  I asked my self (I do talk to myself and I am not rich): "Self, what is it you most miss about living in ChapelBoro?"  And self answered emphatically without hesitation "Why the Carrboro Farmers Market of course!"

I do go on Tuesday's to the Fearington farmers market and on Thursdays to the Pittsboro farmers market. They do not compare. For many years every Saturday at 8:00am from April to October I would head off the best farmers market in the triangle and return with the weeks fresh and tasty bounty. Eating is my second most favorite activity.

I may have to initiate a commute.  I wonder if I could talk my neighbors into starting a Saturday Carrboro Farmers Market car pool.   Hmmm...


Plagiarism avoidance:

1) Conversation with self stolen and paraphrased from Emeril Live

2) Second most favorite activity stolen and paraphrased from Woody Allen's Sleeper.



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