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Rogers Road Community Complaint to the EPA

The Rogers Road Community has received a letter from the EPA accepting the neighborhoods environmental justice complaint against Orange County and will start an official investigation.  It has been 2 years since the complaint was filed.

The Commissioners should take note of this on December 7th.  There is much evidence to back up this claim.

Orange County Parade of Homes for 2009

There are 9 Orange County new homes listed in the Parade of Homes insert of today's Herald.

Only one house is listed at barely under $400,000.  The other 8 are all over $500,000 with 3 listed above a million.  Does this say something about affordability in Orange County?  Combine those prices with the tax rates and what demographics are being invited to live in the OC?

Millhouse Road is in the Rogers/Eubanks neighborhood

You can't turn your back on the BOCC for a second. The Rogers/Eubanks community is back in the mix for the Transfer Station. As I have said previously the fight for environmental justice is far from over and vigilance is required. What is Foy thinking? And Jacobs was the original Sassaman buddy so Jacob's position is no surprise.

My heart goes out Reverend Campbell and Neloa Jones. Just as it appears that they are approaching the top of the mountain, voila, there is another vertical cliff to scale.


When does talk about Roger's Road turn into neighborhood improvements?

There were two articles in the CHH today on the services and improvements that the historic Rogers Road neighborhood has long been lacking.


For the Historic Rogers Road neighborhood it appears that the neighborhood's role as the garbage receptacle for Orange County may be coming to an end.  However vigilance is still required because it ain't quite over yet.

The long sought after services and neighborhood improvements are not anywhere in sight.  Over the decades there has been no lack of talk, task forces, official pronouncements of support, planning committees, lists etc...  Almost nothing concrete has ever come of all this. 

The neighborhood is split into multiple jurisdictions complicating any chance of real progress and  offering ready made excuses to all the jurisdictions for failure to act.  As with most other things it also boils down to money and with the current economic environment it gets even more difficult.

Boomers come of age

I normally do not post these links but I believe this video from Newsday fits a segment of the regional population of which I am part of:


Make sure you put your sound on.



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