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Chatham Market Place

Down here in the tiny town of Pittsboro, we have the Chatham Market Place, CM, which is in its 2nd year of operation.  WSM helped with their expertise to get CM started and they still cooperate.  While certainly a smaller operation it is a most pleasant and friendly place to shop. Clientele diversity seems to match WSM.

But one place where it really shines is the Hot Bar.  While smaller than WSM and much smaller than Whole Foods, the quality beats both hands down.  The folks at CM can cook.  With breakfast every day, an outstanding brunch on Sundays (omelets and shrimp & grits made to order) with entertainment, very tasty selections for every lunch and diner, hot sandwiches,  and special restaurant style menu on Friday evenings, the cuisine is always really tasty.  One note of warning: it is not necessarily good on the waistline.

If you are passing through you might want to give it a try.

I am a member but have no other connection to CM.

Favorite thing about ChapelBoro

Now that it is almost a year since we moved 14m miles south of ChapelBoro,  I asked my self (I do talk to myself and I am not rich): "Self, what is it you most miss about living in ChapelBoro?"  And self answered emphatically without hesitation "Why the Carrboro Farmers Market of course!"

I do go on Tuesday's to the Fearington farmers market and on Thursdays to the Pittsboro farmers market. They do not compare. For many years every Saturday at 8:00am from April to October I would head off the best farmers market in the triangle and return with the weeks fresh and tasty bounty. Eating is my second most favorite activity.

I may have to initiate a commute.  I wonder if I could talk my neighbors into starting a Saturday Carrboro Farmers Market car pool.   Hmmm...


Plagiarism avoidance:

1) Conversation with self stolen and paraphrased from Emeril Live

2) Second most favorite activity stolen and paraphrased from Woody Allen's Sleeper.

Biofuels generating more greenhouse gases than fossel fuels according to Time

According to this weeks Time, the Bio-fuel cycle increases the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere over fossil fuels and will have a negative impact on world hunger as well. The main points of the article are:

1) The soaring prices of corn, soy beans etc.. and the bio-fuel mandates are causing an acceleration of deforestation of the rain forests in order to grow these crops.

2) The energy required to produce bio-fuels except for sugar cane causes a net increase of CO2.

3) The movement of land usage to bio-fuel production from the production of food will cause hunger to increase.

The following is a pointer to the article:


Concierge Medicine comming to Chapel Hill

My GP doctor of 18 years and his practice, Chapel Hill Family Medicine, are converting to "concierge medicine", sometimes known as boutique medicine. What this means is that to stay with my doctor, whom I like, it will cost me $1500 per year, $1000 which goes to him and $500 which goes to MDVIP, the company which franchises this service. My doctor will reduce his patient load to a maximum of 600 patients. MDVIP limits its franchises to experienced established practices in high income areas.

What this buys is 24 hour access to your doctor, extended preventative medicine including expanded physical, all you records on a cd.. etc.. or to put it another way, high quality individual attention that should be available anyway.

Local Dems support Rogers Road neighbors

Jack Sanders, Chairman of the OCDP gave the following speech to the Chapel Hill Town Council on Monday 9/24: Please note that I have permission from Jack to post the full text.

Thank you, Mr. Mayor and Council members.

I am Jack Sanders, Chair of the Orange County Democratic Party, and I rise to speak for the Democratic Party in support of the Rogers Road Community. We have asked the Board of County Commissioners to reconsider its decision to site the Waste Transfer Station in the vicinity of the Rogers Road Community and to conduct a thorough public search for an alternative site. I am here before you because Chapel Hill too has a role to play.

Chapel Hill is a progressive community, one that takes its principles seriously, chief among them the principle of social justice. Equally important is the notion of the integrity of government, the notion that our governments will treat all communities fairly, and that promises made will be kept.



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