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Chapel Hill/Carrboro Merger: Column in CHH

A guest column by Michelle Lewis was published in the Chapel hill Herald today promoting the merger of Chapel Hill and Carrboro, a position that I have advocated for many years.  But this column articulated that position particularly well. 

I am including a pointer to the column but one needs to be registered with the Herald Web Site to read it.  I have e-mailed Ms. Lewis to get her permission to post the full text in this entry.


In today's economic climate a merger makes more sense than ever.

Eubanks Road off the preferred list (for now)

The Board of County Comissioners finally has seen fit to not included Eubanks Road in the narrowed list of proposed sites for the transfer station. While it ain't over till it's over, this is most welcome news. It looks like the BOCC has made strides in redemption by coming down this time for social and environmental justice.

The fight that the Rogers/Eubanks road community has waged for their neighborhood now has victory in their sights and with that victory will come a victory for the soul of Orange County. This has been a struggle that has taken decades.

Special kudos go to Reverend Robert Campbell and Neloa Jones for showing the perseverance and fortitude to make their case time and time again and lead their community against the odds. It proves that community activism and participation can make a real difference and overcome what at times seem like a never-ending series of obstacles.

However, vigilance is still required.


Current financial crisis and UNC affordablity

While I know that UNC has programs that attempt to help students afford college, with the current economic downturn,  the problem is going to become more wide spread.  In addition UNC is likely to find a further economic squeeze, from State budgets to reduced alumni contributions.

It is my belief that affordability should never limit a qualified student once accepted from attending that college.  I also do not like the idea that a student graduates with massive debt.

So my question is should UNC be planning any changes to assure affordability for any student to whom it sends an acceptance letter?  Should it change priorities, e.g. slow growth,funnel a larger share of  money from the state, contributions, endowments to ensure the affordability for all accepted students?

What are potential local ramifications of current financial crisis to county and the towns

The question is simple to state but probably very complex to answer.

What are the possible ramifications to the County and the Towns from the current financial crisis including but not at all exclusively budgets, taxes, development plans, services, credit, bonds, etc....? 

A secondary question is are there any actions our local governments should be taking now to reduce negative risks?

Certainly the personal suffering of residents is likely, including potential loss of jobs, shrinking investments, sinking home values (maybe). If this gets worse the consequences will be felt by local governments.

Maybe there are skills on this blog that can provide some insights.

Foy or Chilton qualified to be President?

Given the GOP's pick for VP, I am asking if there are those who think being mayor of Chapel Hill or Carboro, both with larger populations than Wasilla, Alaska make them qualified to be a heart beat away from the presidency?  Interesting and frightening.




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