Open Thread for WCHL Forum

Today is WCHL's annual on-air all day forum (1360 AM). The "Town Gown" discussion is already underway. Are you listening? What do you think?




I recently bought a new CD recently so today was the first day I haven't turned on WCHL while in the car in several weeks.  Didn't know this was going on.

Some cursory thoughts — We had a pretty good two hours on sustainability starting with trying to define it and connect whatever it is to people's lives. Since we had two hours we got a little deeper than ususal into the issues of water and garbage. Key points: Individuals need to be more responsible and governments need to improve the way they work together.We also talked about how to keep our affordable housing programs sustainable, the rising social services, tax structure, local food and some other stuff.I imagine they'll replay the forum segments a good bit.     

I was able to attend and ask a few questions at the Crime and Safety
session. A couple common, interesting concerns from the law enforcement
and emergency officials:-They are handling a higher number of
people with mental health needs and say they are unequipped to affectively treat many of these problems."We're dealing with a lot more people on the street who are just not able to cope," said Brian Curran, Chapel Hill police chief.-Most agencies now have Spanish
language employees but they increasingly have problems communicating with
those who speak the other rising languages in Orange County: Karen, Mandarin, Korean,

Will WCHL make this available as a podcast?  I just don't get much time near AM radios but would love to listen.

We should have the full forum up on our site this week. I'll keep you all posted. Ten hours of audio takes a while to edit and upload.

The entire ten hour forum has been posted online and separated by session. Thanks for your patience.


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