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Some of you may remember that OrangePolitics has used three diferent content management systems in it's 7+ years. We started on MoveableType in 2003, moved to WordPress in 2004, and then made a huge leap to Drupal (and a managed server) at the very beginning of 2008. There are a few more changes coming for OrangePolitics. Some are technical and some are not, some will be obviously noticeable and some not so much (I hope). 

Since 2008, I haven't made many changes to the site. In fact, I haven't even made major upgrades to the software since it is hosted by a company that manages Drupal for us. That's been fine, but it's been costly ($35/month instead of $10/month, but takes less of my time) and a bit limiting. I actually manage a Drupal site professionally at my job, and I'm feeling ready to take the hosting back over so I can update the site to Drupal 6 (maybe someday Drupal 7) and add more cool features that you will enjoy. There are also some non-technical changes afoot, and we'll be discussing these at the next OP Happy Hour. (Friday 3/25 at 5:30, so you better come!)  

OK, here's the geeky bit...

I have already done some preliminary work toward this move including creating a version of the OP theme (visual template) for Drupal 6, and created a rough replica of the site in Drupal 5 on my host in which to import the site's content and settings. This is where my skills run out. While it's not hard for me to export the old site's database, I'm not expert enough to get it imported into my new site. I think this will be a relatively straighforward task for someone who is handy with MySQL and/or Drupal backends. Some folks have offerred to help, but I thought it would be easier to write this up here rather than keep corresponding with them separately. Plus I know some of you readers are geeks and I tought you might be inetersted to hear what's going on.

So. Anyone game? 



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