Search committee for new chancellor announced. My name suspiciously absent.


Ruby, join the club. My name was missing too.

There are only 5 women on this committee. More than 50% of the campus is female. When will things change?

enough women DEMAND it!  Unfortunately, not nearly enough are doing it right now.

ENOUGH women


Nothing will change as long as this is seen as women's problem, or people of color's problem, etc. It's going to take enough MEN to recognize that we ALL benefit from women's leadership and to actively work to both recruit and make room for women to lead.Power still concedes nothing without a struggle. If injustice is only a concern for the wronged, it will take a revolution to force involuntary change. Do I have to occupy South Building? Again?

While I agree with Ruby, I also think the women who are in power have to become more avid feminists and begin to advocate for more women. For example, there are 13 members of the Board of Trustees (the ones who appoint individuals to the chancellor search committee). Nine are appointed by the legislature and 4 are appointed by the governor (who, for now, is a woman). So there really should be more than 3 women trustees, even if the governor had used all 4 of her slots for women appointees.  


Wow, I can't believe there are only 5 women on the search committee (although statistically it's about the same as our representation in the General Assembly). I'd say that stat makes the chances we have a new Head White Guy in Charge next summer pretty high...not that it'll shock anyone.


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