Carrboro special election schedule posted (early voting only in Hillsborough?)

Orange County has posted the detailed schedule for the Carrboro special election on March 19, looks like 13 days of early voting in Hillsborough and none in Carrboro.

March 19th Special Election for Carrboro to fill an unexpired term ending 2015 for Board of Aldermen

February 1, Noon - Filing Begins - $10 filing fee

February 15, Noon - Filing Ends

February 22 - Registration Books Close for Special Election.

February 28 - March 16 - Early Voting for Special Election


Orange County Bd of Elections

Days and Hours

Thursday & Friday, Feb. 28 & March 1, 9 am - 5 pm;

Mondays - Fridays, March 4 - March 15, 9 am - 5 pm

Saturday, March 16, 9 am - 1 pm.

March 12 - Deadline to request Absentee Ballots by mail. Ballots will be available as soon as possible after filing ends on February 22.

March 19 - Special Election Day for Carrboro Municipalities only. Polls are open 6:30 am - 7:30 pm



Evidently somebody in Carrboro decided it cost too much to have early voting in Carrboro.  

Apparently it was an extra $7,000 to have early voting in Carrboro (by the way Carrboro precincts had from 19% to 27% of their total turnout vote on election day last November, the rest were early votes or mail-in) post by Damon on his campaign website on the "three ways to vote" for March 19

95% thru the filing period, still just Damon. Filing ends noon Friday asked me "what if there is only one candidate". In that case the ballot will have Damon's name and a space for a write-in.  Most votes wins.

Looks like Carrboro will be playing out that "what if there is only one candidate" scenario.

I'm informed that I received one write-in vote in 2012 for soil and water conservation supervisor in Orange County.

Barring a miracle the likes of which I've never seen, Damon will be joining the Carrboro Board of Aldermen next month!Now, dear reader... don't you want to take his place as a member of the OP Posse? Look what great success it can bring you! ;-)

Looking forward to working with you. Very exciting.

I know Fred's not here anymore, but can we say this is truly silly season?  :) 

My opinion. If early voting took place in Carrboro instead of Hillsborough you might see a few more votes. Folks walking by town hall might stop in and take advantage of the convience. Schelping to Hillsborough to vote in an election where there is only one candidate is not on peoples radar. I am assuming this is one of those topics that will come to the Aldermen as a petition for change in the near future. 

Trying to gauge the local mood? I can say with high confidence that the Carrboro electorate:

  • Enjoys key lime pie
  • Cheers for UNC unless they're playing Wake Forest
  • Rides the bus or telecommutes to work over 40% of the time
  • Is looking forward to St. Patrick's Day

A surge of two Carrboro voters in Hillsborough Wednesday has tripled the total number of votes to three

they weren't observed flipping a coin.

Voting has continued at a torrid pace — the total number of votes cast increased by 33% on Friday. The people are speaking!

final early vote total 4. Remind me again who thought of this?

The fact that this election is being held when the outcome is guaranteed is troubling. Common sense easily recommends canceling the election and saving taxpayer money. The fact that this is not happening highlights the dysfunctional nature of a system that requires an act of the State Legislature to do something so simple & straight-forward. The lack of home rule powers in North Carolina are once again a hindrance to simple common sense.

While it does seem silly to have an election for a single candidate, I'd like to remind everyone WHY the BOA chose to institute the special elections provision. In 2005, Mark Chilton and Alex Zaffron, both of whom were aldermen at the time, chose to run for mayor when Mike Nelson decided not to run. When Mark won the mayor's seat, his alderman seat was left vacant. At the time, the seat had to be filled through an application process.The alderman had to choose between filling that seat with one of the recent candidates or someone who had never run for elected office in Carrboro and had been an active campaigner for one of the winning candidates. The slate of alderman candidates that year had been highly qualified and equally contentious. Several applied for the empty seat. I don't know for sure, but I suspect the appointment process was as uncomfortable for the aldermen as it was for the citizenry. They chose to appoint Dan Coleman, but also chose to amend their process so that similar situations in the future would be decided through a special election.It's unfortunate that the first application of the new policy yielded a single candidate which makes the expense look like a waste of limited financial resources. But for those of you who were here in 2005 and who were critical of the appointment process, wouldn't you prefer that in a similar situation the decision was made through a democratic election, regardless of the cost? Is $18,000 really the price of democracy?  

have to be either/or?  Why can't a law be written that the vacancy is to be filled by appointment by the BOA unless there is more than one applicant and, in that situation, a special election is to be held.

George, Senate Bill 128 that just passed the Senate by unanimous voice vote does more or less what you are asking -- they can choose which mode of filling vacancy House action probably soon

Whether or not you believe in a special election or an appointment process, spending money on an election that accomplishes nothing (except wasting time & money) is absurd.


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