reports for local elections

Here is a list of all the reports I submitted with my 2013 run for Town Council.

Forms for Chapel Hill Town Council campaign given to Orange County Board of Elections

  1. Notice of candidacy 7/19/13
  2. Statement of organization 7/17/13
  3. Certification of treasurer
  4. Ten day money report = organizational report 7/29/13
  5. 35 day report 9/30  up to 9/24/13
  6. Pre-election report 10/28 9/25 to 10/21/13
  7. Amended Report with loan info 11/25/13
  8. Post-election (end of year) 1/31/14 for 10/22 to 12/31/13
  9. Mid-term report  7/28/14 for 1/1 to 6/30/14
  10. End-year report 2/14/15 for 7/1 to 12/31/14
  11. Mid-term report  7/16/15  for 1/1 to 6/30/15
  12. End-year report 1/26/16 for 7/1 to 12/31/15
  13. Mid-term report  7/15/16 for 1/1 to 6/30/16
  14. Special pre-election report 10/31/16 for 7/1-10/22/16 (ads for Spanish language media for state and federal elections 2016)
  15. Correction special report 12/22/16
  16. End-year report 1/22/17 for 7/1 to 12/31/17
  17. Mid-term report  7/25/17 for 1/1 to 6/30/17
  18. Closed account report 7/24/17


office hours with Gary Kahn are  Mon -Fri 2-5 pm at Tabbacco Road Chapel Hill. in the Bar Area. to discuss campaign issues anyone might have. Thanks. Gary Kahn.P.s. Now through election day.



 It appears that as far as I can see on the political scene that there is a civil war here in orange county between liberal democrats and  conservative republicans. Where are the moderates of both parties.  Which of the current candidates of either party declare that he or she is a moderate liberal democrat or moderate conservative republican . Perhaps I might  declare I"M  a moderate liberal republican.  Gary Kahn

Down But Not Out

Hi all, I would like to clarify my statement made to WCHL on election night, I said im resigning from Chapel Hill politics, But  I did not rule out the possibility of running  for public office again on the  county, state, or federal level. This may or may not  happen sooner or later. Thank you, Gary Kahn

Making Sense of the 2013 Election Results

With another Election Day behind them, our elected officials in Orange County are now tasked to turn their attention from the challenges of the campaign trail to the challenges of governing. But following a sleepy election cycle in which all mayoral candidates ran unopposed and election results show most races were uncompetitive across the county, what message should our electeds take with them as they prepare to take their seats at the dais for new sessions?

With just 11.72% of eligible voters casting ballots in 2013, it’s unclear what message voters are sending. Was municipal turnout its lowest in over 10 years because voters simply don’t see any local issues directly affecting their lives? If so, does that mean voters are content with the status quo of the towns, which is why they didn’t get to the polls in the first place? Or are voters simply apathetic and nothing more can be discerned from the low turnout figure?



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