April 2008

Kevin Wolff

Two-time candidate for Mayor of Chapel Hill.

Professional background: http://www.wolff-law-offices.com/id7.html

There will be no Republican primary in this race.

Stephen H. Halkiotis

Tony McKnight

Jeff Michalski

Local blog info: http://savehes.blogspot.com/2008/02/michalski-for-school-board.html

Eddie M. Eubanks

Al Hartkopf

Stan Morris

Our Vanishing Night: A Program on Light Pollution

For generations, everyone experienced the breathtaking beauty of an unspoiled night sky, with views into our Universe of thousands of stars, the Milky Way and even another galaxy. Inspired by the sky, those who came before us told imaginative stories about the patterns they saw in the stars. But when many of us go home tonight and look up, we may not see much more than a washed-out orange glow.

During this program, we'll use the Zeiss VI star projector to reveal how light pollution--the illumination of the atmosphere by outdoor lighting--robs us of our heritage of a natural dark sky. And we'll experience the sky studded with stars--and stories--as our ancestors did and as our grandchildren might, if we commit to better designed outdoor lighting.

Following the Star Theater presentation, join us for a short walking tour (choose North Campus or downtown) to consider how our outdoor lighting might improve visibility and safety, while also minimizing energy use. Back at the Morehead Sundial, telescopes will be active. Be sure to check out Saturn and Mars.

Co-sponsored by UNC Sustainability Office; Chapel Hill Town Council Committee for Sustainability, Energy, and the Environment; and CHAOS (Chapel Hill Astronomical and Observational Society).

Free. Part of UNC’s Earth Week celebration.


Monday, April 21, 2008 - 3:30pm


Morehead Planetarium

Lot 5 drawings available to the public... in the Mayors Office

The Town of Chapel Hill now has some drawings that visualize the plans for the high-rise mixed-use development they are constructing downtown on parking lot #5, known as the Downtown Economic Development Initiative. In my opinion, this is a visionary project that has suffered from not having enough public input at the right times.

So how does the Town make this critical information available to the public? Oh, it's "on display" down at Town Hall. So those of you who work downtown or have a lot of free time during the day can stroll down to the Mayor's office and check it out. The rest of us will have to make due with looking at photos of the plans on the N&O and Herald web sites.

Hillsborough parents get their way

I know I'm stepping into a hornet's nest with this one, but what is it about this one little word ("merger") that sends parents in both school systems into such a tizzy?

After nearly two hours of grappling with its options, the school board for the Orange County Schools modified its enrollment plans for the district's only year-round elementary school Monday night.

In a 4-2 vote, the board approved changes recommended by district administration that will allow 30 students already at Hillsborough Elementary School to re-enroll there next year.

Some parents who had feared their children might be among those not allowed to return had dressed in orange shirts and spoken at board meetings, posted to a blog devoted to challenging the changes, and even hired an attorney to challenge the board.


Board member Liz Brown voted against modifying the plan because she felt it didn't do enough to help Central and Efland-Cheeks elementary schools retain middle-income students.



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