April 2009

STD Awareness Month -- April 2009

We are in the middle of STD awareness month, which means we should all probably take a few minutes and do just that: be aware. The observance of STD awareness month is intended to normalize STD testing and conversations about sexual health.

Where Are The High Tech Solutions?

I know that this is a "political" board but it seems like we have a lot of very "tech-savvy" people that post here.  Is anyone else concerned that a contractor's mistake today, resulting in a cut in a fiber-optics network in Chapel Hill, resulted in a loss of communication amongst courthouses and county offices in all 100 NC counties?

Cut fiber line knocks out state courts' communications


I find this kind of disconcerting myself.  It seems like the design of these systems has made us far, far too vulnerable.  I think this is a political issue because it raises concerns for public health and welfare , at least IMHO.

Healthy Youth Act will be heard on the House Floor TOMARROW

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The Healthy Youth Act (HB 88) will go to a vote on the house floor tomorrow, and if it passes it will be the most important reproductive rights victory in NC in over 15 years (since the NC legislature introduced abstinence-only in the mid 1990’s.)  The Healthy Youth act has passed three committees (Education, Health, and Appropriations), and this is the FINAL STEP in passing in the state House before it moves to the state senate. 

May 2nd Blogger Bash

Hello everyone.

This is an update on the May 2 BlueNC Blogger Bash. It's shaping up to be a neat event. Based on RSVPs received so far, we expect somewhere between 30 and 300 people. :)

Seriously, we're planning to feed 40 to 50, but can change that number up to the day before. There's no need to bring food, but please bring your friends and family. The Bash is 100% kid friendly, with a lake for boating and swimming, and lots of room to run around.

As you may know, the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner will take place later that evening in Durham. The JJ reception starts at 5:30. If you're planning to attend, feel free to come by the Bash and make it a whole day of politicking. It's always fun to meet people behind the screen names in the North Carolina blogosphere.

Last year's Bash was an extravaganza of candidates, and some will be on hand again this year. But mostly this is a chance for North Carolina's blogging and new media communities to come together and get to know one another.

Tancredo Talk

I am interested in what OP folks think about the disruption Tuesday evening at the University of the planned talk by Tom Tancredo, preventing him from speaking. I hope we don't see this as a campus issue isolated from the rest of local progressive politics, because it raises fundamental questions about freedom of speech and liberalism.

To me this seems very simple. Tancredo's views on immigration may be loathsome, but he had a right to speak. I am repeatedly appalled, I have to add, at the lack of appreciation of this basic point among some of my fellow progressives and liberals. Free speech applies even to people who are wrong.

Yes We Cans Food Drive for Local Food Pantries

Please bring non-perisahble food items to the Carrboro Farmers Market Free Speech zone or Cup A Joe on W. King Street in Hillsborough. The items will help to replenish the shelves of Interfaith Council and Orange Congregations in Mission.



Carrboro Farmers Market Free Speech Zone and Cup A Joe, King St, Hillsborough,NC

Local pride - Rudy Tempesta - "Rudy's a trip!"

At a time when partisans seem to be cherishing antagonisms and keeping wounds open, it's nice to have a reason to celebrate a town treasure in common.  

Rudy Tempesta, our 83-year-old letter-carrier on the Estes-West Coker Hills route (I think we're all the 2413 part of the zipcode), was honored yesterday for not one but two million miles without an accident over 63 years of service to the US Postal Service. 

That's remarkable enough, but as "Rudy's people" have come to learn, there's a lot more to him than putting catalogues and bills in our mailboxes.  At yesterday's ceremony amid the sorting stations at the Estes Dr. post office, Rudy showed off one of the five medals he got for flying missions in WW2, when he was part of the group covering the Tuskegee airmen, and he pointed out the other veterans he now works with.

Carrboro High School - Little Shop of Horrors

Carrboro High School Drama Department presents its spring production, "Little Shop of Horrors," at Culbreth Middle School auditorium.  Thurs. - Sat. at 7:30 p.m., Sun. at 3 p.m.  Students: $5, Adults $8.



Thursday, April 23, 2009 - 3:30pm to 6:00pm


Culbreth Middle School Auditorium

Carrboro High School - Little Shop of Horrors

Carrboro High School Drama Department presents its spring production, "Little Shop of Horrors," at Culbreth Middle School auditorium.  Thurs. - Sat. at 7:30 p.m., Sun. at 3 p.m.  Students: $5, Adults $8.


Friday, April 24, 2009 - 3:30pm


Culbreth Middle School Auditorium

Sustain Foundation Community TrailFest

Come out to Community Trailfest and celebrate the new trail guides created by the Sustain Foundation to highlight trails in the local Chapel Hill and Carrboro area! The Community Trailfest is the launch event for the guides and will be held on Sunday, April 26th from 11 am – 1 pm on the lawn at the Weaver Street Market in Carrboro. Vendors will be at the event showcasing their products, and information will be provided about the different trails and their locations.

Speaking at the event will be Sustain Foundation founder and Executive Director Kerry Brewer, Trailheads Director Steve Hoge and Fleet Feet owner Brian White.  Hoge will speak on the mental, physical and philosophical sides of forest preservation and trail running, and White will address the importance of the trails to area running enthusiasts and of maintaining the trails for the benefit of the community.

“Chapel Hill and Carrboro have some great trails for runners, walkers and bikers, but most of them are not recorded anywhere,” said Brewer.  “We hope these maps will facilitate and promote healthier lifestyles, taking advantage of our beautiful, natural settings, and prompt our community to participate in preservation efforts.”

Sponsors for the Chapel Hill/Carrboro trail guides are Fleet Feet Carrboro, Franklin Street Realty, Friends of Bolin Creek, Balanced Physical Therapy, the Chapel Hill/Carrboro Chamber of Commerce, Townsend Bertram and Company, and Trailheads running club.       
This should be a great event for people of all ages to learn more about how to take care of their minds and bodies and where to do so in their surrounding environment. Community Trailfest is free and open to the public.


Sunday, April 26, 2009 - 7:00am to 9:00am


Weaver Street Market Carrboro



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