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Stay informed on Carolina North

While it is really hard to imagine, Carolina North is going to have a HUGE impact on all of us, from the west end of Carrboro, through the Barclay neighborhood, the Bolin creek neighborhoods, and all the way to Martin Luther King Boulevard, Homestead Road, and all of Estes. Please pay attention to the emerging plans. It might not be possible to halt the beginning of this development, but we can influence the pace and design at this stage.

For further information about campaigns to alter the development, see the Friends of Bolin Creek website: .

It is amazing how little publicity these plans have had, after the initial hubbub. If anyone can write more about it, please take the lead!!! We need to get the word out.

Members of the campus community:

The University will host a new series of meetings about Carolina North for the campus and local communities on the last Tuesday of each month through May, beginning Tuesday, March 27.

Seeking sustainable change in Carrboro

I've been at it for a couple of weeks now, learning the ropes of the political process in Carrboro and I agree with one of the comments to my previous post: two weeks ain't a lot of time. But as Ruby pointed out, it's just about the amount of time most voters will spend investigating the candidates and informing themselves of the issues.

I have spent time reading the candidates' websites, newspaper articles, transcripts and and have determined the main themes in Carrboro are structural development, economic development, and affordable housing. To me, they are all related.

Local elections for dummies

[Editor's note: Alison is a new OrangePolitics volunteer who will be blogging about her journey to figure out the Carrboro races. We look forward to a new perspective on issues from someone who isn't already a politico or activist. -RS]

Someone once told me that the sign of a good government is one whose actions go mostly unnoticed by its people. I supposed he meant that if people could go along with their lives and not have to think about whether the city will suffer a blackout or the garbage will be picked up, things were running smoothly and the job was getting done.

I have lived in Carrboro for 7 years, and been a home owner for the last 3 years. According the definition above, Carrboro's government is a good one for me. I have hardly thought about it in all the time I have lived here. I have always known the Mayor and some of the Aldermen socially, but as for their political beliefs or platforms I have been completely ignorant. I plan to make a change this election season.


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