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Glen Lennox discussion on WCOM

Greg Brusseau of Save Glen Lennox will be the guest on the Wednesday edition of WCOM's West End Report with LMT hosting. Greg will discuss the inside scoop he got from a N&O reporter about Grubb properties backing out of their bid and caving into the community to redesign their plan.

Tune into 103.5 LP FM (Carrboro/Chapel Hill area) at 6pm or you can stream us by clicking here. I'm hoping that Ruby calls us at the studio LIVE from the OP Happy Hour with an update: 919-929-9601. Freel free to call with questions. The first caller gets a Save Glen Lennox T-shirt!

Is Chapel Hill/Carrboro Still Safe?

I have noticed this year seems like there is an increased in violence in the area. The University is constantly reporting theft with the most recent being an armed robbery this past weekend. I was definitely shocked and not prepared for the fact the Eve Carson was kidnapped from her home. I was talking to a friend of mine who owns a local business in Carrboro. We joked about the area being an "Utopia" or Carrtopia, if you will. However, it seems like this illusion may be shattering. I know Carrboro's crime has increased, as well. Thoughts?

WCOM Carolina Brewery Benefit!


The Carolina Brewery is generously donating a portion of every meal ticket all day Sunday, June 22nd to keep WCOM bringing you the best in music, talk, news and more! When you pay your bill tell them you’re there for WCOM!

Join the DJs and Volunteers  from 5-7pm. We're the ones wearing the WCOM t-shirts (which are also for sale)!~

Check out Ruby on WCOM 103.5 LP FM

OrangePolitics.org's own Ruby Sinreich will be my guest today on WCOM's West End Report (6pm). Ruby and I will be discussing the talk of the town, primarily getting the audience updated on the Abbey Court situation.

Once again being inspired by Tom Arnel's Placeholder show's Guest DJ feature, I have also asked Ruby to bring along her favorite music to play.


On my way home from work on Damascus Church rd, a rather large black lab-looking dog was chasing two little girls. The girls said that he wasn't their dog, and another lady said he came from the woods around the church.

I put him (I assume it is a him) in my car and took him over to the animal shelter. He had no microchip, no tags, but he did have a collar. He was a bit smelly, so I do not know if he has been lost for a while.

He was extremely sweet, friendly, and obedient. I hated to turn him into the shelter, but it was 6pm on Tuesday, and I couldn't take him home with me.

The shelter is closed on Wednesdays, but you can call Falconbridge Animal Hospital (on 54-919-403-5591)and ask them to contact Dr. Sheppard who works at the Orange County Animal Shelter on MLK BLVD.

If someone can take him to foster him or adopt him, PLEASE contact the shelter and ask for Tom or Melanie. He will probably be put down in about a month if he is not claimed or adopted.

Again, he is rather large, very friendly, looked like a black lab with a bit of white scruff under his chin.



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